Introducing Unstoppable Blue: The Ultimate Web3 Domain Experience

Aug 09, 2023

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By Hassan Ali, Tech Lead, Unstoppable Domains

We’re thrilled to unveil Unstoppable Blue, our new premium membership designed to supercharge your digital identity and revolutionize the way you interact with the decentralized world. Unstoppable Blue is all about empowering you with more tools, benefits, and opportunities to get the most out of your Web3 domains.

Bulk transfer made easy

For Web3 domain whales, moving all domains between wallets has been a hassle in the past. With Unstoppable Blue, say goodbye to tedious transactions. Now, Blue subscribers can seamlessly transfer up to 50 domains at a time from one wallet to another in just a few clicks.

Earn cash for advertising domains

Ready for a new way to monetize your Unstoppable Profile? Unstoppable Blue subscribers can now earn cash for the domains they sell through their profile. Opt into displaying a dedicated section advertising domains for purchase, and for each domain sold, you'll receive cash payment instead of promo credits. Anyone with an Unstoppable profile can earn Unstoppable Points for advertising and selling domains, but only Blue subscribers can earn cash. 

Accelerated rewards

We've added a little extra spice to our rewards program, just for Blue subscribers. With Unstoppable Blue, you'll earn 1.5x the Unstoppable Points, which you can use to redeem promo credits. This means you can claim free and discounted Web3 domains even faster, helping you build your Web3 domain portfolio.

Login for vaulted domains

Do you choose to vault your domains for added security, but still want to use your domain across Web3? Blue subscribers can use vaulted domains to seamlessly log in to 524+ apps, games and metaverses. Instead of entering a name and password, simply type in your domain and enter a code sent to your email to log in.

Promote your domains for sale

With Unstoppable Blue, you’ll be able to list your Web3 domains for sale on our search page. But with Unstoppable Blue, your domains get premium promotion to anyone searching for similar or relevant domains. Shine a spotlight on your grail domains and connect with potential buyers, maximizing the chances of sales.

Exclusive Unstoppable Blue badge

Wear your status with pride! As an Unstoppable Blue subscriber, you'll receive an exclusive badge and NFT visual treatment, showcasing your commitment to Web3 innovation on your Unstoppable profile.

Exclusive website builder

Build a decentralized website and stand out in Web3 with Unstoppable Blue's website builder. This powerful tool allows you to create a stunning, decentralized website directly tied to your Web3 domain. Showcase your projects, share your vision, and make your mark in Web3. 

Monthly AI avatar minting

Your digital identity is ever-evolving, and so should your avatar. Each month with Blue, you’ll get fresh credits to mint a new AI Avatar as an NFT, so it can live forever on chain as part of the Unstoppable AI Art Collection.

Unstoppable Blue is built to help you unlock the full potential of your Web3 domain. Upgrade to Unstoppable Blue for $19.99 per year. Together, let's redefine the future of the internet.