Get Ready for Unstoppable Points

Mar 10, 2023

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By Edward Nehamkin, Senior Product Manager, and Adriel Estrada, Head of Data Tech

TL;DR: Today we’re introducing Unstoppable Points: a new program that rewards you for enriching your digital identity and using the hundreds of Web3 dApps integrated with Unstoppable Domains.

What are Unstoppable Points?

Your domain = your identity for Web3. When you use your Web3 domain, you’re building your Web3 reputation and taking ownership of your data. Now, we’re introducing a way for you to get rewarded when you interact across Web3.

Unstoppable Points offers a unique way for Web3 domain owners to earn rewards and grow their domain portfolio. Your Points are tallied under “My Account,” which you can redeem for promo credits—earn them by growing your domain portfolio, acquiring new digital identities and interacting with Web3. With so many ways to earn rewards, it's a great incentive for anyone looking to explore the world of Web3.

For example, earn Unstoppable Points when you:

You can even get rewarded for starting your Web3 journey—simply complete the tutorial and earn points when you complete your profile. 

Showcase your digital life

In the future, we’ll grow Unstoppable Points into a platform that provides rewards across the entire Web3 ecosystem—not just Unstoppable Domains. Envision getting rewarded for engaging with thousands of your favorite Web2 and Web3 apps and services.

We’re excited to give back to the Unstoppable community with Points. If you have ideas on how we can improve this feature or other ways you’d like to be rewarded, we’re all ears! Tweet us @unstoppableweb or join our Discord!