Secure Your Domains with Unstoppable Vault

Mar 14, 2023

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By Sergii Iurevych, Engineering Manager

At Unstoppable, our top priority is to give you full control and ownership of your digital identity. Your Web3 domains are the center of your digital identity data, so it’s important that your domains are securely stored as on-chain assets. 

That’s why today, we’re excited to introduce our newest custody solution for domain owners: Unstoppable Vault. 

Meet your private vault for your domains 🔒

Unstoppable Vault is a new custody solution from Unstoppable that gives you flexibility in how you store your Web3 domains. With Unstoppable Vault, we’ll secure your domains in a private domain vault created specifically for you. Just like with a self-custodial wallet, your domains will be claimed on-chain and verifiably owned by you. 

Keeping your domains separate from your other crypto assets reduces the risk of hackers stealing your domain or making unauthorized changes—even if your own crypto wallet gets compromised. With Unstoppable Vault, the private keys to your vault are encrypted and protected, in alignment with industry best practices. You’ll have the option to transfer your domains from Unstoppable Vault to a self-custodial wallet at any time. 

Who is Unstoppable Vault ideal for?

You’ll always have the option to manage your domains in your self-custodial wallet, but we’ve found that some people aren’t interested in taking custody of their domains. Many people who are new to Web3 haven’t set up a crypto wallet yet for storage. Others might not want to store their identity data with their other crypto assets if they have a large portfolio. 

Whether you’re a first-time domain owner, getting started with Web3, or just looking for a safe place to store your domain, Unstoppable Vault offers a secure place to store your domain without having to take custody of it. 

What to expect

As always, you can keep your domains in your self-custodial wallet with no change. If you already hold your Web3 domains in Unstoppable’s custody, you’ll need to switch to Unstoppable Vault or transfer your domains to a self-custodial wallet by April 10, 2023 at 12:00pm UTC

Bear in mind, you can’t update domain records for your vaulted domain (like setting an ETH wallet address or updating your profile picture), but you can transfer a vaulted domain into a self-custodial wallet to make updates. We’re currently working on the ability to freely transfer a domain between your wallet and Unstoppable Vault, so you’ll be able to transfer it out, update domain records, and then vault it back with Unstoppable. 

Unstoppable Vault costs just $4 per year for each domain under $100 and $10 per year for each domain $100 and up. Want to try it out? You can sign up for a free 7-day trial before you commit. You can also use promo and store credits towards your annual Unstoppable Vault subscription. 

We welcome feedback and are here to help—get in touch on Twitter or Discord to better understand how to store and make the most of your Web3 domains!

For more information about Unstoppable Vault, please see our support article.