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There is a $100 processing fee to review protected domain requests. Please fill out the form below:

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A domain asset on a blockchain. New extensions (like .com or .info) launched as smart contracts on public blockchains. Domains are stored by their owners, no third party can take them away.

Blockchain domains have two unique advantages over traditional domains. One, they can replace cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names. Two, they can enable censorship resistant websites.

.crypto is a domain extension on Ethereum blockchain. .zil is a domain extension on the Zilliqa blockchain. Both extensions work with every cryptocurrency and serve the primary use cases of replacing crypto addresses with a human readable name and can be used to build censorship resistant websites.

Domains are stored in your crypto wallet, just like you store cryptocurrencies. When you control your private keys, you have full custody over your domain. To add a wallet to your Unstoppable Domains account please go to Account Settings.

You can use your blockchain domain for payments by adding cryptocurrency addresses from any crypto wallet to your domain. When someone wants to pay you, they simply type in yourname.crypto into a supporting wallet and press send. Here is a video with a live example!

We currently support over 276 different cryptocurrencies. Our full list of supported currencies is available here.

A full list of supporting wallets is available on our homepage.

Yes, a blockchain domain can be permissionlessly transferred, anywhere in the world, in minutes.

Currently, only Opera on Android resolves blockchain domains natively (.crypto only). To resolve .crypto and .zil domains on Chrome and Brave, you can install our Unstoppable Browser Extension. We expect to see more native integrations in the future.

No. Blockchain domains are what’s called alternate roots. They are not part of the current DNS.

Our template builder allows launching a website on IPFS in just a few minutes. If you prefer launching your own template, you can upload it directly to our IPFS File Uploader.

Protected names are reserved for brands and trademark owners. Premium domains are of great interest to the community and expected to release in the near future. The best way to keep track of a premium domain is to watchlist it.

No, it is a one time payment. No renewal fees. Pay once and you own the domain for life.
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