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Simplify your UX by adding support for the most popular Web3 naming system.

Why Build with Unstoppable?

Level up your dapp or application by integrating with the foundational layer for digital identity on Web3. Improve your offering with:

Universal Web3 Logins

Authenticate users and create new communication channels with them.

Simple Crypto Payments

Replace long hexadecimal addresses with human-readable domain names.

Easy Domain Management

Edit domain metadata with a direct connection to the blockchain.

Decentralized Websites

Create IPFS websites with our community generated templates.

Extra Revenue

Register to be an authorized reseller with Unstoppable Domains.

Further Brand Awareness

Promote your app on our website to 218K+ potential customers.

Developer Essentials

Read our API documentation

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Resolution Libraries

Resolution - Java

Resolution - JS

Resolution - Swift

Resolution - Go

1 import com.unstoppabledomains.resolution.Resolution
2 ...
3 DomainResolution resolution = new Resolution();
4 String receiverUSDTAddress = resolution.getMultiChainAddress
5 ("udtestdev-usdt.crypto", "USDT", "ERC20");
6 // receiverUSDTAddress consists address for receiving USDT on Ethereum
7 (ERC20 version)
8 // use this address as recipient of the payment

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