Meet Your AI-Generated Digital Identity with AI Art

Mar 31, 2023·Last updated on Mar 31, 2023

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By Ryan Le, Research & Development

We’re combining AI and digital identity with a new feature that allows everyone to create and mint their own AI avatars. 

Your digital identity represents everything about you—from your social platforms and digital experiences to a visual identity, like a profile picture. To help enhance your digital identity, we’re introducing AI Art, a new offering from Unstoppable that makes it easier for anyone to create a custom AI avatar and connect it with their digital identity.

For $14.99, you can create 200 unique avatar images to download—no subscription required. You can also mint your favorite into an NFT profile picture (PFP) which will be featured in the Unstoppable: AI Art NFT Collection

Our model generates artistic avatars across 10 different styles, ranging from realistic to conceptual. With 200 avatars to choose from, you’ll get tons of options to set as your PFP and use across your social platforms. Anyone can use AI Art, even if you don’t have a Web3 domain.

Create your AI avatar

Getting started is easy. Once you create an Unstoppable Domains account and purchase your AI Art pack, simply:

  1. Navigate to “My Items.” 
  2. Click “Create AI art."
  3. Upload 10-20 photos of yourself to represent your digital identity. We recommend adding 20 photos for the best results. For your privacy, all images are removed from our database as soon as they’re processed. 
  4. Wait ~20 minutes while your unique images are generated using an AI model.
  5. Once completed, you’ll receive an email notification. Pick out your favorite image for your PFP.
  6. Mint your new PFP as an NFT. You’ll even get a badge to commemorate the mint.  
  7. Show off your AI art on social media!

Found an avatar you love? Tweet at us @unstoppableweb to let us know. We’ll be featuring some community favorites (and you might get a surprise from us).