Hackathon Showcase Series Part 6

Aug 12, 2022·Last updated on Aug 12, 2022

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In this week's Hackathon Showcase, we have some great projects from Gitcoin and Encode Polygon.

Check out thirteen more awesome projects below, and catch up on last week's showcase here!

Encode Polygon


A DeFi product discovery game powered by footsteps.

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MeTag helps users share their long public addresses and send payments through a single scan of a unique QR embedded on an exquisite tag.

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Tribunals displays DAOs and other web3 communities based on the tokens held within a crypto wallet. Join any Tribunal by minting their NFT.

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A Polygon Dapp for borrowing NFTs and claiming Web3 Domains

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Blite is a decentralized forum where anybody may submit information that has been socially vetted without fear of censorship. The name of the site is a pun on the phrase "I read it, therefore I share it."

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Blockchain Trace 

A Web3 app for viewing tokens, transactions, events, and identities on the blockchain.

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Boba Bundlr 

A POC that allows users to interact with Arweave with just their BOBA wallet, powered by Bundlr Network.

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Cross Layer 2- Bridge

A DAPP that focuses on the implementation of Vitalik Buterin's idea of easy decentralized cross-layer-2 bridge.

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Domain History

This project can be a great addition to any Domain related trading site or can be used as a standalone to quickly generate and grab info about a domain or the domain owner.

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Fading Hope 

A new Web3 gaming platform. Build your kingdom.

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UD Search 

A decentralized application for accessing Web3 Domain data and contacting owners.

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Unstoppable Wallet 

This application displays the assets of a wallet. You have the option to login using your Unstoppable Domain.

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VRF Lottery 

VRF Lottery - integrating Unstoppable Domain Login.

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