Hackathon Showcase Series Part 5

Aug 05, 2022·Last updated on Aug 05, 2022

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We are delighted to announce that Unstoppable Domains is focusing on being an avid Hackathon partner! In this series we will highlight projects from EthDenver, EthGlobal - Hackmoney, Encode Polygon, Gitcoin, and the L2 Rollathon

During these hackathons, hackers were able to answer our challenge and compete to win a prize, as well as compete in our general hackathon challenges. We will continue to show up big in Web3 and hackathons this year! 

Check out thirteen more awesome projects below, and catch up on last week's showcase here!

ETH Denver


A dashboard that allows you to view NFTs won for participating at certain sport events.

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ETH Global

Sport Fundraiser

A decentralized fundraising app that helps semi-professional players to get funding.

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Unreal Marke

Discover, collect, and sell extraordinary NFTs on the fastest growing NFT marketplace.

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Avatar NFT Marketplace

A decentralized marketplace for creating, storing, and selling Avatar NFTs and other digital assets.

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Decentralized Library 

A web3 library that offers you the opportunity to learn and earn. We offer you a diversity of learning resources both as ebooks and video-books. Materials are curated from various categories. Connect your wallet, select a category, select a book to read or watch a video book, take the quiz and earn NFTs.

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Decentralized electronic health record dapp empowers doctors and patients to store healthcare information on a decentralized network.

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A Polygon dapp for minting, storing, and displaying NFTs. 

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A Polygon Dapp for reviewing smart contracts and NFT collections.

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Simple Metaverse 

A simple decentralized application for entering the metaverse and minting nfts.

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Social Invest Platform 

A platform for social investing and token trading, with chat and call functionality.

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Gitcoin GR 14.1

Guest Book  

A Dapp that enables users to create their own guest book and send messages using an Unstoppable NFT Domain.

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L2 Rollathon

Decentral Class 

Decentral Class is a learning platform based on blockchain. Students can complete an interactive digital marketing course and get rewarded for their efforts. Top performers get featured on the leaderboard and can unlock exciting internship opportunities.

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UD Finder 

UD Finder enables users to search for NFT Domains, view ownership metadata, and contact the owner.

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Thank you to all the hackers who have participated and for our amazing partners! If you're running a hackathon that could be a good fit for Unstoppable Domains, let us know!