Japan’s Top ETH Wallet, HB Wallet, has integrated all 10 Unstoppable Domain endings!

Oct 20, 2021·Last updated on Oct 20, 2021

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Unstoppable Domains has partnered with HB Wallet to bring users true ownership with Web3 Domains.

Earlier this month, we announced a coalition of 30+ wallets to establish a new global standard for peer-to-peer crypto transactions using Unstoppable Domains’ simple, easily-readable .wallet Web3 Domains. Bacoor Inc., the company behind HB Wallet, one of our partners for this integration, has come forth with great news. Therefore, we are proud to announce that HB wallet will fully support all of our ten domain endings, giving their users access to true decentralized ownership of their identity. 

Scroll down to learn about Bacoor Inc. and which of their products have also integrated with Unstoppabe’s Web3 Domains! Get a head start by buying your own Web3 Domain today and begin your Web3 journey!

The Journey to Web3 adoption

As we inch closer to Web3 mainstream adoption, it is crucial to celebrate the milestones that build integrated partnerships and will soon onboard hundreds of thousands. To celebrate HB Wallet’s integration, we want to highlight their sister companies, some of which have also fully integrated with Unstoppable’s family of Web3 Domains.

Angoname is a fully decentralized resale domain marketplace that enables users to sell or buy Web3 domains from Unstoppable with no added fees. Originally from Japan, Angoname draws inspiration from Japanese roots and pop culture, building a superhero-themed UX design that adds a fun layer to what may feel overly complex. Users can sell or buy Web3 domains from Unstoppable on its platform with no added royalties or fees to the buyer/seller. To make this process even simpler, users can sell their domains from their HB Wallet. Users can also use the chat feature to discuss pricing or an equal value trade. Check out their website for more

KeyRing Pro is a Mobile Browser Extension that enables users to users to conduct Multichain Wallet Connect. Through KRP, users who are not fond of having multiple access keys for their wallets can rest easy, as this application generates wallets on all supported Chains at once with only one Private Key. KRP has also designed an affordable hardware wallet, the NFC, which allows users to connect their KRP wallet to the contactless card. Users can use their NFC card to tap and pay at designated retailers, once a purchase is made an authorization through the app will be required for the transaction to go through, adding a layer of protection for consumers. In addition, users can tap their NFC card to their phones to log into decentralized apps. Check out their website for more

Thank you for your support Bacoor!

We want to thank the team at Bacoor Inc. for working so hard on the HB Wallet integration. We as a community have a lot of work ahead of us as we build sustainable integrated partnerships which host millions of users who must migrate from Web2 to Web3. Working together and collaborating in the Crypto space is how we build one another and build a strong community that values its users and its newcomers.