Unstoppable Domain Welcomes 15th Registrar and Rolls Out New API Features for Enhanced User Experience

Jan 30, 2024·Last updated on Jan 30, 2024

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 1/31/2024 – Unstoppable Domains, a premier platform for “one stop shop”  of Web2 and Web3 domains, announces the addition of its 15th registrar partnership with Entorno, a distinguished Web2 registrar. This collaboration is supported by influential investors including Pantera, Draper Dragon, and Boost VC. The 15 registrars are:  GMO Internet Group, DigitzID, DotNames, Namespro Solutions, Idsea, Endless Domains, eID Domains, KICA, DominiosWeb3, Value Domain Web3, RosWeb,, Entorno, Superlink, and NFTDomains.

"We’re thrilled to welcome Entoro as the latest accredited ICANN registrar to offer Unstoppable Web3 domains to their clientele," said Sandy Carter, COO at Unstoppable Domains. "This marks a significant step forward as more Web2 registrars are transitioning to include Web3 domains, paving the way for a unified and accessible internet domain environment."

With a robust portfolio of almost 4 million registered domains, Unstoppable Domains is committed to delivering unparalleled domain sales and support within the Web3 and Web2 ecosystem. These latest advancements underscore the company’s dedication to fostering a superior environment for its extensive network of registrars.

Unstoppable momentum with web3 registrars also continues to grow. Web2 and Web3  registrars come to market looking to add support and differentiation. Registrars have become slightly commodified and some are starting to take notice. Unstoppable Domains enables registrars to differentiate themselves, offer new innovative products, and drive new revenue streams natively via the UD Partner API.

With its new development, Unstoppable Domains also unveils product enhancements for its Partner API v3, designed to augment the registrar experience. Two pivotal features have been introduced: the ability to preview custody and registration operations, providing a zero-risk method to foresee the outcome of operations, and a dedicated route to check pending domain operations, which is essential for registrars to furnish a secure and reliable user experience.

Unstoppable Domains continues to invite and encourage other forward-thinking registrars to join their mission in revolutionizing the domain industry. By integrating Unstoppable Domains' Partner API, registrars are equipped with the tools to expand their offerings and step into the future of internet domain registration.

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