How to Set Up Your Unstoppable Profile

Apr 14, 2023

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By Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development, Unstoppable Domains

In a digital first word, your brand is your digital identity.

At Unstoppable, we’re building a platform for people to create a digital identity that they fully own and control. That’s why we introduced Unstoppable profiles, giving people a place to express their digital identity across the metaverse and beyond. 

There are so many things you can do with your Unstoppable profile, from showing off your wearables to earning badges for your favorite community to showcasing a custom AI-generated avatar. 

Getting started is simple, and in this post I’ll dive into how you can set up your profile and build your brand for the metaverse!

Step 1: Get your Web3 domain

First up, you need an Unstoppable domain, like sandy.nft or matt.crypto. If you don’t already have one, you can find one for as little as $5 at unstoppabledomains.com. 

Once you’re set up with your digital identity, log in to your account on Unstoppable.

Step 2: Personalize your profile

Next you’ll click on “Account,” go to “My Domains,” and click “Manage” for the Web3 domain you’d like to build the profile for.  Below you can see my set-up for Sandy.NFT.

Next you can personalize your profile by adding an avatar. You have tons of options: Your avatar can be an NFT you own, an AI-generated avatar, a Ready Player Me metaverse avatar, or another photo of your choosing. You can also upload a cover photo. 

Next, decide what info to make private and what to share publicly. There are a bunch of types of information you can add, and you’re in control of what you share! Connect your social channels including Twitter, Discord, YouTube and Telegram.

Step 3: Set up your on-chain assets.

Your Unstoppable profile also allows you to showcase any assets that are minted on-chain – like tokens, wearable NFTs, awards, educational credentials and more. On-chain assets deepen your brand – because the blockchain is visible to anyone, you can build trust with your audience who know that you own or have achieved what you say you have in your profile. 

Choose which wallets to show off in your token gallery to automatically bring in your on-chain assets.

You’ll also automatically earn badges automatically based on NFTs you hold or other on-chain achievements, and you can edit which badges you display. 

Step 4: Set up your website for the world to see. 

Your Unstoppable profile is easily visible in any browser at ud.me/[your domain], making it easy to share with the world. Here’s mine! Additionally, you can also navigate directly to your new domain in Web3-enabled browsers like Brave and Opera to see your Unstoppable profile. More on that here

We also make it easy for you to build a personalized Web3 website. Click on “Website” to set yours up!

Let’s check out the template option.

Select the type of page you want to build. In this case, we’ll try a Personal page.

You can explore the different types of templates to see what fits your needs best!

Here is what the Portfolio template looks like - perfect for all the Web3 creatives out there!

On the right-hand side, you have all of the familiar options for modifying a website with no coding required.

Change images and text with ease to set up your personalized Web3 website!

It’s so exciting to see people building out their digital identities, and I’ve been in awe of the creativity I’ve seen on people’s profiles. I’d love to see yours once you have it set up – post a screenshot and tag me on Twitter @sandy_carter and the team at @unstoppableweb