Web3 Domains Let You Create An Identity That Follows You Across The Web

May 19, 2022·Last updated on May 19, 2022

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No More Fragmented Digital Identities Means You Can be You, Increasingly Wherever You Go Online.  

In Web2, your digital identity is fragmented across various networks and platforms. 

For example, your Twitter account lets you store your information on Twitter, but your content, connections, engagements, and social graph don’t follow you to Facebook, TikTok or anywhere else. Not only does Twitter own “your'' account and has full control over it but they can modify it, suspend it, and even delete it at a whim. In the current system, you really don’t have ownership or many rights over your digital data and identity. 

Now, repeat this exercise for your other accounts and you begin to see how fragmented the system is…

Kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

Every time you sign up on a new site or an app, you have to hand over personal information in exchange for access. You have to set up your profile and add the same information you put on every other site, essentially, building your reputation from scratch. Or worse, you login with email and there’s no flexibility in the information you want to share.  

On top of being invasive, this process is just flat out suboptimal because your identity is dynamic.Your interests, experiences, friends, ideas, and communities are constantly evolving. Your digital identity should reflect that across all platforms, so you can get personalized experiences. 

Experiences you deserve. 

Experiences you can now have with an Unstoppable Domain. 

Say hello to a single, universal digital identity and say goodbye to closed systems with disconnected apps, and disjointed experiences. Best part, you, and only you, are in control - of your data, how it is shared, and who it is shared with.

Let’s look a bit closer at how a Web3 domain - a powerful self-sovereign data container that you own - makes this all possible.

So…What are Web3 Domains?

Web3 domains are at their simplest form a digital name or username (example: Peter.nft) that exist as NFTs on the blockchain. They are unique to you and are stored in your wallet to provide special benefits that go far beyond traditional domains. It is a name to login everywhere you go. A name to prove ownership of your data and digital assets. A name to pay and get paid with. A name to prove you’re… well YOU.

What Does This Mean for you?

With Web3 domains, you hold the key to your self-sovereign identity and consequently are the only person who gets to decide what data you want to share and not share with integrated apps. So you can bring your identity across the internet. No ifs, ands or buts! 

You own a digital asset and by doing so have 100% control over your personal data and digital identity. 

But how are you able to share that information and transfer data from app to app as you navigate the metaverse? We launched Login with Unstoppable in January 2022 as a new feature of Web3 domains that operates much like a single sign-on that we’re all familiar with today. 

Login with Unstoppable

Login with Unstoppable - the first single-sign on service built on Ethereum - was made so that you’ll never have to create another username or password again. Through Login with Unstoppable, you're able to use your unique Web3 domain as a username to easily log into both Web2 and Web3 apps. 

Login with Unstoppable makes your crypto wallet address even more powerful. It transforms your crypto address to be human-readable, as well as supercharges it to hold more sophisticated personal information that you can share to apps to further personalize your experience. 

Wallets are unable to identify unique users and one person can have multiple wallet addresses. When you use Login with Unstoppable, you can securely carry your unique username across various wallets, apps, services, games, and anywhere else the metaverse takes you. This simplifies your onboarding experience across Web3 apps because you don’t have to manually enter or upload any information everytime you make a new account. 

Your Web3 domain lets you opt-in to share off-chain information and on-chain data, like email address and your unique Humanity Check identifier, with the apps you use to get access to certain in-app experiences, improve your onboarding, and even qualify for rewards! 

In the future, you will be able to share metadata like your community memberships and social profiles.

Current and Future Benefits

When your digital identity becomes truly portable, no one can stop you from being yourself online. With an Unstoppable domain, you’ll get to be the first to access these benefits which will only increase down the line. 

1. A Single, Universal Login Across The Web

No more creating 100+ accounts and passwords on different apps and services. 

Currently, there are over 125 dapps and projects and counting that have integrated with Login with Unstoppable so that your Web3 experience is smooth. Because we want your digital identity to be consistent, we are working hard to integrate with thousands of apps over the coming years. 

As we continue to make new partnerships, you’ll be able to use your unique Web3 domain name, such as “yourname.nft,” or “yourname.crypto” across Web2 and Web3 apps like games, metaverses, ecommerce websites, and more. 

2. Protect Your Data

You have a wide range of data that should be connected to your digital identity and Web3 Domains will keep your personal data safe and sound. 

Our main priority is your privacy and security. That’s why Login with Unstoppable is secure by nature. Your personal data stays with you and you (and only you) can choose if and when that data is shared with other apps. 

With your permission, your Web3 domain points to both on-chain information and off-chain data without compromising your privacy and security. Some of your data, such as your crypto wallet addresses and your NFT avatar, are great for on-chain storage (on the blockchain). Other data that is too sensitive for on-chain storage is better suited to be off-chain (aka off of the blockchain). For example, you may not want your phone number to be on the blockchain. You’d likely want that and other private information to be off the blockchain. Instead of storing data on your domain itself, the Web3 domain will point to your off-chain data on a secure server when you give permission to share. You won’t ever have to worry about whether your personal data is secure thanks to your Web3 domain. 

3. Monetize Your Data On Your Terms

When you can manage your own data, it’s better for you and companies. 

In the future, you’ll be able to share your data with dapps, brands and services in exchange for something of value - whether it be monetary, custom experiences, rewards, etc. By putting you in control, you’re able to decide how and when your data is shared and what for. This is only possible when your data becomes portable and you control it. Well, it’s right around the corner and we’re building it.

4. Carry Your Identity Across The Web

Currently, your connections and credibility on one site don’t translate to others. Remember how popular Vine was before it shut down? At its peak, it had 200 million active monthly users. All those content creators lost their audiences and had to rebuild on another platform. 

The current dynamics of the internet gives third-parties power over your data. If they decide to increase rates or deplatform you, there’s not much that can be done to mitigate your losses. 

Your Web3 domain gives you the ability to take all your community of followers, connections, karma, badges, POAPs and the rest of your reputation with you wherever you choose to go. So you can easily swap platforms without losing your reputation.

What the Future Holds

To improve your Web3 experience and maintain a persistent portable identity, Unstoppable will continue building our products and family of partner apps. Unstoppable wants to build out the Web3 ecosystem sooner than later. To ensure you have persistent portable identity with great user experience, some of the areas we are focused on building over the next few years include: 

  • Expanding our app integrations from hundreds to thousands of apps 
  • Transforming Login with Unstoppable to become a fully decentralized solution
  • Enabling you to share more information across various apps
  • Exploring new ways you can access unique experiences and rewards from apps

Imagine a world where you control your personal data that’s tied to your digital identity. A world where you can bring your identity anywhere you go and where your data remains secure. Web3 domains make it happen.

Web3 domains are still in the early stages of development, which means buying one today is your ticket to be early to the party.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Web3 Domain today and take the steps to build your portable identity!