Introducing Humanity Check - 100% Opt-In

Mar 14, 2022·Last updated on Mar 14, 2022

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In Web3, Digital Identity Isn’t Just About Tech.  Ironically, It’s An Opportunity To Be More Human

What a time to be alive. 

We’re part of the select few who get to witness a paradigm shift — the transition from Web2 to Web3. This transition isn’t just impactful in terms of tech – it’s changing how we think about a fundamental part of ourselves: our identity.

Web3 use cases — like NFTs, smart contracts, and DAOs — are transforming our digital experience, and each one of them increases the complexity and value of verifying our humanity as we collectively experience the metaverse.

Distinguishing people from code has become one of the most complex, unsolved issues vexing Web3 project devs as they strive to provide their communities with delightful, yet equitable, experiences while protecting their personal data.

As we continue to make progress, it’s important to remember that building the infrastructure that delivers the full promises of Web3 isn’t just a process – it’s a journey from the unbalanced power landscape of Web2 to a more level playing field, with clearly outlined benefits, for everyone online.

Well, every human.

Where We Are: In Today’s Internet, One’s Identity is the Product

Digital identities have been around for years. However in Web2, they’re fragmented across different platforms and networks that we didn’t build nor own. If we want permission to use them, we have to agree to let them use us right back.

Everyday, we unknowingly surrender personal data to companies in exchange to experience anything online, whether it’s using an app, playing a game, or accessing a website. Our social media IDs, our chat messages, our videos and anything else we publish online are owned by big tech companies, not by us as the creators. They can take away our handles, spy on us, ban us, and make billions of dollars monetizing our personal data to fuel their lucrative advertising business.

And a lack of control isn’t the only threat to private data that exists within centralized systems with a single point of failure. These platforms are frequently targeted by bad actors to get mass access to private user data — in fact,  2021 had a record amount of data breaches.

How do we put power back in the hands of people? By building human-centric solutions.

How To Get There: Building A New Digital Identity Framework

Self-owned and managed digital identities are the cornerstones for this people-first internet. An internet where our online identities have digital rights on par with our physical rights. They return control and ownership to individuals while enabling a fluid and multi-faceted online world.

Our SSO (single sign-on) product — Login with Unstoppable — was built with these needs in mind.

In order live up to web3 user ideals, we knew that this new identity framework must be: 

  • Owned and controlled by you
    You should have total control over your personal data, including what to share and not share with applications. As we shift control of data from businesses to individuals, new financial opportunities arise as you can now rent, sell, or license personal data and content you create online.

  • Securely storing your personal data
    There’s a huge variety of data that should be tied to your online identity. Some, like payment addresses, are a natural fit for on-chain storage. Other data, such as medical records, are both too sensitive and too large to be on-chain. Therefore to be truly useful, an online identity must support both on and off-chain data. 

  • Entirely portable
    Say goodbye to closed systems within various disparate apps. Bring all your connections, interactions, upvotes, karma, POAPs, achievements with you anywhere you go if you choose - and collect rewards accordingly across different platforms and apps.

Today we’re excited to share how Login with Unstoppable has taken yet another step towards true digital identity. This new feature is the next step towards helping Web3 members fully own, create, manage, and reap rewards for their digital selves.

Introducing Humanity Check - 100% Opt-In

Imagine an NFT drop that was actually fair — one where you know for a fact that everyone on the allowlist is a unique person — not a bot farm with 10,000 wallets seeking to scam the system. Where trust is high, innovation AND community flourishes. Humanity Check enables this, all while preserving your anonymity.

Humanity Check is a verified, yet 100% private, identity layer that you can attach to your own Unstoppable Domain. With Humanity Check, you can prove you're a unique person to an application, to enrich your experience and collect rewards, all without revealing ANY personal information to that app. 

How This Benefits You

  • Your privacy comes first
    Adds a verification layer while respecting user privacy. Apps verify identity through a unique ID number created by Humanity Check — not your personal information. And Unstoppable does not, and never will, have access to any data you share through the Humanity Check process. 

  • You are in control
    You have 100% control over their data and which apps this verification is shared with.

  • It’s quick and simple
    The process takes a few minutes to complete, and verification only needs to be completed once per Web3 domain. Verify once and use it across apps, forever. 

  • Awesome rewards await!
    Soon, people who have completed the Humanity Check process will receive a Humanity Check verification on their Unstoppable Domain profile which will unlock new reward programs on both our platform and across Login-integrated apps. More Web3 companies can build reward programs using this verification model that incentivizes with user privacy in mind.  Plus, stay tuned for what UD early adopters can unlock :)

  • Not interested? 
    No worries. Humanity Check is 100% opt in. As always, you're in control.

We’ve partnered with identity verification service Persona to validate identity. They’re leaders in the identity verification space and work with cryptocurrency platforms like BlockFi, Swan, DAO Maker and more.

With Humanity Check, Login with Unstoppable-integrated applications have a way to solve sybil attacks while elevating customer experience and engagement. 

Building new identity verification and robust KYC solutions takes a ton of effort and adds to app complexity significantly. Humanity Check allows apps to offer fair, fraud-free experiences and reward programs with “one-per-person” community rewards. This allows applications to meaningfully incentivize their members and build large communities safely while focusing on delighting their users, not technical development.

The Login-integrated apps are already excited to build for Humanity Check. Adrien Peng, CEO of Cook Finance says, “Login with Unstoppable fundamentally provides members a better login solution, and Humanity Check will unlock a pathway for us to reward our most engaged members more meaningfully and at scale.”

Accessing Humanity Check is simple. For existing Login with Unstoppable partners, review our updated developer documents and if you’re new to Login, submit your application and we’ll help you get started.

What’s Next: Get Rewarded for Being Yourself

Since 2018 we’ve been working towards a future of self-sovereign digital identity and putting the power back in the hands of people. Humanity Check is the next step in establishing trust between web3 applications and their communities, setting on a new age of incentivization with privacy in mind.

Our next step is inviting our community to participate and reap the benefits of Humanity Check very soon! Verified will immediately begin to unlock a variety of UD benefits, ranging from credits to access to exclusive raffles and swag, on a journey to become the standard for reward redemption in countless web3 apps.

The future of the internet is being built as we speak. Today, we’re excited to take another big step in enabling people to own and manage their digital identity, one that is user-permissioned, secure, and most importantly, rewarding.

Get your Web3 Domain, start building your digital identity, and enjoy the perks of being you.

Want To Learn More?

Tune into Michael Williams, our Head of Product, as he gives an overview of Humanity Check.