Hackathon Showcase Series Part 9

Sep 09, 2022·Last updated on Sep 09, 2022

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Oh boy, do we have a great list of Hackathon winners for you this week! We closed out the Gitcoin’s MoneyLegos hackathon. Check out the innovative new projects that Login with Unstoppable has been integrated into! 

Green DAO

A DAO management platform for learnings, auctions, grants,voting and even chatting. 

Token Manager

A token management platform to send and approve token transfers with ease. 

Scientia DAO

Publish and share your research on the world’s first DAO community for scientists. 

Base Market 

BaseMarket is a reliable NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain to create, collect and sell extraordinary NFTs. 


Putting scienftic datasets on the blockchain for easier sharing and authentication. 


SocialFi in a professional way - connect your wallet to link up with your network in a brand new way.


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SimpleBlock Transfer 

A simple way to transfer tokens and do cross chain transfers. 

Nouns Marketplace 

A marketplace for the Nouns NFT collection and associated DAOs