Hackathon Showcase Series Part 4

Jul 29, 2022·Last updated on Jul 29, 2022

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Who is ready for the next round of our Hackathon Showcase Series?! We are having a great time showcasing hackathon participants from both the L2 Rollathon Virtual Hackathon and ETH Global. If you missed last week's showcase, you can catch up here.

Check out twelve more awesome projects that have come through our hackathons recently!

Alchemy NFT Explorer

A multichain inspector to find NFTs by owner and contract address. 

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Apartment Reviewer

A decentralized website for rating real estate agents and viewing listings.

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A decentralized platform to support your favorite creators on Polygon. 

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Buy a Cup of Joe for your favorite content creators.

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DeScratchOff is a web3 gaming app built on Polygon, with Chainlink VRF.

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Friendschain is a decentralized application where people can send digital token of friendship, along with a dear message, to their friends or their special ones, via their wallet addresses or Unstoppable domains on Polygon Mainnet. 

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Hello Web3

Hello Web3 is a social connection web application that allows users to discover their Ethereum network.

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NFT Collection 

NFT Collection is a dapp for minting custom NFTs and adding them to a collection on Opensea. 

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Piano Maker NFT 

Piano Maker NFT is a piano recorder where you can store the song in NFT.

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Token Creator  

Token Creator is a dapp that enables users to create and deploy their own ERC-20 token.

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UNS Domain Lookup  

UNS Domain Lookup is A dapp for retrieving domain records and metadata.

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TX Tracker  

TX Tracker enables you to enter your address (Mainnet) or Unstoppable Domain to receive data about your domain and your transaction history.

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