Hackathon Showcase Series Part 3

Jul 22, 2022·Last updated on Jul 22, 2022

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Who is ready for round 3 of our Hackathon Showcase Series?! We are excited to showcase hackathon participants from both the L2 Rollathon Virtual Hackathon and ETH Global. Our mission is to help drive new innovation and development in the Web3 space by supporting hackathons. If you missed last week's showcase, you can catch up here.

Check out eleven more awesome projects that have come through our hackathons recently!

Fraction Protocol 

Fraction allows users to earn on a particular asset by wrapping or staking. Other features include the ability to mint soul-bound nfts and flashminting.

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Giving Fund 

Giving Fund makes charitable giving fun, transparent, and widespread. Donations are recorded on the blockchain, and interest is earned on the donation fund token.

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IPFS Blog Engine

Create your own blog with markdown and store it as JSON on the decentralized storage network. Wanna display it? Use the render machine and let the magic happen.

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Lineups is a website that enables valorant players to freely create and share lineups, that is the agents with the right skill usage.

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Open Recon 

OpenRecon is a bounty platform for open source intelligence collection powered by smart contracts and decentralized storage.

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Recovery Crypto Management

Store your Crypto on a recoverable safe (zksync testnet).

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Token Info 

Token Info provides information on the latest tokens in the cryptocurrency market.

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WikRut NFT

WikiRut NFT is a marketplace that enables minting of NFTs.

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DEBAY is an e-commerce store where goods are paid for in cryptocurrency and each user receives NFTs after they have purchased an item. The more the NFTs a user has acquired the higher their level.

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A Defi tooling DApp that provides price quotes for swaps, bridges, and token transfers

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DeNFT is a decentralized NFT marketplace platform for the DNFT ERC721. You can mint DNFT, buy and sell DNFT to the marketplace.

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If you work with a hackathon that would be a good fit for Unstoppable Domains, drop us a message over on our Partners page!