Hackathon Showcase Series Part 2

Jul 15, 2022·Last updated on Jul 15, 2022

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We’re back with another round of our Hackathon Showcase Series! Hackathons are a big focus for us this year, and we’re so excited to help drive new innovation and developments in the Web3 space. If you missed last week's showcase, you can catch up here.

Check out ten more awesome projects that have come through our hackathons recently!


ThinkMoon publishes market information and analytics. ThinkMoon is available on desktop and as an extension.

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Daobank is a platform to push your financial freedom to the next level. Keep track of all your assets, make calculations and much more.

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Deefy is a one stop multi-chain analytics dashboard that allows anyone to visualize, track and analyze data. 

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CyberGraph is a 3D-graph based, user based social connection explorer with features like 3d node graph, dynamic loading bar, immersive user experience, cyber mode (10-hops friendship network display) and focus mode (aggregated connection display).

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KJ NFTs is a platform for minting unlimited NFTs. 

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Multichain-cloud is is a Web3 cloud dapp which enables management of files and folders and even websites via distributed storage. Storage options include Filecoin Network, Swarm Network and Arweave Network. 

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Multify is a multi-chain analytics dashboard, a tool for Investors, Cryptocurrency holders to visualize, analyze data on various blockchains and decentralization exchanges on one platform.

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PolySend is a dapp built to simplify cryptocurrency transfers to multiple addresses at the same time.

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PureGenius is a web3 streaming service.

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TheVibes Space

Play with your Unstoppable Domain at TheVibes Space, an off chain multichain proof of concept multiplayer game done with ipfs pubsub. Users can play as guests using a non NFT character or using one of its own NFT. Select a space and have fun! 2d and 3d spaces available. Currently under development.

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