Hackathon Showcase Series: October

Oct 03, 2022·Last updated on Oct 03, 2022

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Happy Spooky Season! We have some boo-tiful and scary inventive projects to spotlight as our hackathon winners this month. Check ‘em out below and reach out if you’d like to brew up your own Unstoppable integration! 

Week of 10/10: 

  • NFTAfrica: An Africa-based NFT platform for minting, buying and selling 
  • Lolly: Revolutionizing the finance market with the help of NFT community
  •  W3Commerce: A new social media for brands to connect with audiences 
  • EventRing: A web3 powered event platform for posting and ticketinging events 
  • WalletDetails: A simple way to check the balance of a wallet 
  • DecentiVize: A web3 auction and swapping platform for NFTs 
  • BookSwap: Swap e-books via the blockchain 
  • Auto Recover: Recover stolen cars from all around the globe using the power of web3

Our Winners from the Digital Identity Hack Asia 2022: 

  • NFTea: An NFT viewing platform 
  • DMusic3: A decentralized music streaming platform 
  • UArt: View NFT Collections by simply searching crypto addresses
  • DeWealth: A lite crypto asseting viewing platform

Week of 10/3: 

  • StorCrypto: Secure your files on chain by uploading them via IPFS 
  • Kasuwa: List Your Nfts on the new Open Sea Seaport Protocol
  • Imio: A ticketing protocol built on Zora Protocol for building events and minting NFT tickets 
  • Buidl Domain Service: An API builder on the blockchain 
  • Dapp Looker: Analyze and query multi-chain data, build dashboards to visualize data and share with your community 
  • W3link: A profile builder for your web3 identity 
  • Healthy Street: A food tracker connected to your wallet 
  • Straw Poll: A DAO proposal voting platform 
  • RecycloMade: An NFT minting platform 
  • Plants and Pillars: A DAO and platform for educating people about our current environmental issues.
  • Xanthos: Mint your moments as NFTs, chain in chain and get NFT tickets. 
  • Ack to Earn: An on chian messaging platform for finding engineers and jobs.
  • PolyWeb: A decentralized and web3 email platform 

Week of 9/26: 

  • MarrySoul: Get your own soulbound token with their issuing/attesting(minting) protocol to show your lover, friends or community how much you love them! 
  • Domain Search: Look up any domain and view the various selling-state and addresses associated with it 
  • Digital Coupon NFT: Create different NFT coupons by setting a custom amount, picture, expiration date and more.
  • Pets Found Me: An NFT platform where pet owners and pet lovers come together and help each other to solve their pet's needs from expensive surgeries to food supplies or free services.
  • Thirdbnb: A web3-based Airbnb contender; a decentralized DApp for homesharing, hosting and sharing user experiences. 
  • Requesto: A venmo like way to request and receive crypto payments.
  • SmartTan: A decentralized salary and deal payment platform to increase transparency. 
  • Yooci: Store health records as NFTs in a secure way 
  • Empty Space: A blockchain game of taking over as much space as you can! 
  • Questile: Complete quests and start your web3 adventure with gamified learning 
  • Straps: Supply chain management at your finger tips and on chain 
  • 0xMail: A secure email platform through your NFT domain