Introducing Mobile Profiles on iOS and the New Unstoppable Android App

Dec 13, 2022

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By Edward Nehamkin, Senior Product Manager

TL;DR: We've pushed out some great updates to our iOS app to make it easier to manage your digital identity on the go. We’re also introducing the first version of our new Android app – so Android’s 2.7 billion users can keep their digital identity in their pockets.

Manage your profile on iOS 

Now, you can update and manage your Unstoppable profile page directly from the Unstoppable iOS app. Rather than having to update from a web browser, you can easily add, edit or remove information from your Unstoppable profile page at your fingertips, making it even easier to use and manage your Web3 identity on the go. 

Download the latest version of the app to check out the new mobile profiles feature, where you can: 

  • Update your profile picture, cover photo, name, bio, location and website links – with social media handle management coming soon.
  • Route up to 294 cryptocurrencies with your Web3 domain by linking all of your wallet addresses.
  • Display your Badges and humanity check status.
  • Manage the email address linked to your Unstoppable profile.

With mobile profiles, you can also choose whether to make your data public or private. Your personal data on Unstoppable Domains will always be private by default, so you can rest assured you have full ownership of the data and information you share with other apps. 

Making your iOS experience better

More than 29,000 of you have download our mobile app for iOS since launching earlier this year. We’ve also released a bunch of user experience and performance improvements to our iOS app. Now, you can:

  • Configure reverse resolution directly from the iOS app, enabling apps you connect with to display your domain name instead of your wallet address.
  • Link your wallets without importing your private keys or recovery phrases.
  • Display your domain name and profile picture when you receive push notifications.

Additionally, you can also receive push notifications when: 

  • You receive Incoming messages or transaction signing requests when you log in and interact with dApps.
  • Your domains are done minting.
  • Your on-chain activity including setting up or updating your NFT profile picture, cryptocurrency addresses, Reverse resolution preferences, or Web3 website links has finished updating.
  • You make profile updates on the Unstoppable Domains website.

Unstoppable mobile app now available on Android

We’re also excited to introduce the first version of the Unstoppable mobile app for Android!

A few months ago, we released the new Unstoppable mobile app for iOS and heard a lot of “wen Android?” We listened, and today, we’re excited to release the first version of the Unstoppable Android app which has already seen more than 2,000 downloads! 

Using the Unstoppable Android app, you can now mint, backup to Google Drive and route up to 294 crypto addresses using your Web3 domain name. Soon, Android users will also be able to log into dApps, manage their profiles, and download or share their profile cards.

As part of today’s Android release, we’re giving 10 winners the chance to win $100 in Unstoppable promo credits! To enter, download the Android app, “share” a screenshot of your domain on Twitter from the top right corner of your app, and tag @unstoppableweb and three friends for a chance to win. Ten winners will be randomly selected and DM’d in the next 24 hours 👀

Evolving the Android mobile experience

We’re continually improving our mobile app to make it easier for you to use and manage your Web3 domains, wherever you are. Following today’s release, we’re focused on adding new features that will give Android users the ability to:

  • Log in to 360+ apps, metaverses and games integrated Login with Unstoppable and hundreds of WalletConnect compatible dApps.
  • Manage your profile and easily share your Web3 identity with others digitally and IRL. 
  • Receive push notifications about the status of your domains as well as incoming messages and transaction signing requests when you interact with dApps.
  • Link your wallets without importing your private keys or recovery phrases.

We’ll keep shipping new features and improvements on a rolling basis, so stay tuned!

Thank you to the team

We’ve built a global team dedicated to enhancing our mobile app experience. A huge thank you to the entire mobile team at Unstoppable who brought today’s iOS and Android app release to life:

  • Daniil Bondarenko, Lead Product Designer
  • Roman Medvid, Head of Mobile - Europe
  • Oleg Kuplin, Middle iOS Developer
  • Alex Zaitzev, Senior Android Developer
  • Stanislav Havrosh, Android Developer
  • Yuriy Khariton, Android Developer
  • Paul Costas, Mobile QA
  • Edward Nehamkin, Senior Product Manager

We love getting your feedback. Download the app on iOS or Android today, tweet us at @UnstoppableWeb what you want to see next, and be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for the latest product news and updates.