Message with your ENS domain with Unstoppable Messaging

Sep 08, 2023·Last updated on Sep 08, 2023

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Now, you can send and receive messages using your ENS domain.

We’re excited to introduce .eth messaging, a new way to send and receive messages with your .eth domain. Now, with Unstoppable Messaging, you can message the extended Web3 domain community: from .x to .eth, .eth to .crypto, and much more.

In addition to seamless messaging with the Unstoppable mobile app and on desktop, .eth messaging is fully interoperable with other XMTP-enabled platforms, including Coinbase Wallet and Lens apps.

.eth messaging on Unstoppable comes with all the same great features you get with Unstoppable Messaging. 

  • Interoperable, cross-platform messaging: Message anyone on other XMTP-enabled platforms, including Coinbase Wallet and Lens apps, by typing in their wallet address or domain. Anyone using an XMTP-enabled messaging app can message your .eth domain or wallet address. Messaging is also fully compatible with any wallet address attached to your domain. 
  • Decentralized and end-to-end encrypted: Messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored on XMTP’s decentralized network, so only you can access and decrypt them. Control who can message you by blocking individual users and managing your notification preferences.
  • Messages are fully owned by you: Your own your messages, and they’ll be preserved and accessible to you on XMTP.
  • Chat with support: Chat directly with the support team through Unstoppable Messaging by messaging support.unstoppable.x
  • Stay connected: Messaging is available in the Unstoppable iOS app, Android app and on desktop, so it’s easy to connect on-the-go. You can send text, photos, video and other files up to 10MB.
  • You’re in control: If you decide you no longer wish to receive messages from a specific web3 domain, no problem. Use the block feature to mute any web3 domain.

Messaging is just one of the ways you can get more out of your .eth domain with Unstoppable. We’re continually rolling out new features to make .eth even better. 

  • Auto-renewal: Never lose your .eth again! With auto-renewals, we’ll renew your name for you for as long as you want to hold it. And even better, you can pay with a credit card to save your precious $ETH!
  • Easy registration and storage: As the one-stop shop for Web3 domains, Unstoppable makes buying a .eth domain as easy as checking out on any ecomm website, with options to pay with credit card, PayPal, Google and Apple Pay, or any of a dozen cryptocurrencies. With Vault, you can opt in to secure custodial storage, so you can secure your .eth domain without having to set up a crypto wallet. 
  • New functionality: Utility > hype. We’ve introduced gas-free profile updates, encrypted email, and login for hundreds of dapps for your .eth. Now, we’re introducing domain-to-domain messaging.

Add your .eth domain to your Unstoppable account or get a new .eth domain to try out Unstoppable messaging.