Bid on India.crypto for India Covid Relief

May 26, 2021

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Unstoppable Domains is auctioning off the blockchain domain India.crypto, featuring exclusive original NFT artwork by Indian artist Amrit Pal Singh, from May 27, 2021 to June 1, 2021 on OpenSea. All proceeds will be donated to India Crypto Relief to provide COVID-19 relief for India.

India’s Battle Against COVID-19

While India was fortunate to have not been one of the first countries hit by COVID-19, it unfortunately has felt the pandemic’s full effect in recent weeks and months. Earlier this month (May 2021), the daily confirmed COVID-19 cases in India spiked to over 400,000, leaving many patients without access to oxygen or other healthcare solutions and resulting in over 4,000 deaths per day at its peak.

India Crypto Relief

India Crypto Relief is a community-run fund delivering relief to COVID-19 patients during the ongoing pandemic in India by providing healthcare and essentials to those fighting for survival against COVID-19. The fund has received over $1 billion in donations to date, most notably from Vitalik Buterin’s large $SHIB cashout

After the auction concludes, we will publish a transparency update with the etherscan transaction to prove that 100% of the funds from this auction were transferred to India Crypto Relief. You can also track all funds received by India Crypto Relief on the Transparency page of their website and on their Twitter account.

What is India.crypto?

India.crypto is a blockchain domain NFT, or a unique asset stored on the blockchain that can be used as your digital identity in Web 3.0. Like other NFTs, blockchain domains are ERC-721 tokens that are unique and recorded on the blockchain. This means you are the only person in the world who can own a particular blockchain domain name, and your ownership of that domain is easily provable since each transaction is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be removed or altered.

What can I use blockchain domains for?

In the long run, blockchain domains will have unlimited use cases, but the two main use cases for blockchain domains today are: 

  1. Replacing your long and complicated cryptocurrency wallet addresses with a human readable name (i.e. Pomp.crypto), and
  2. Resolving decentralized websites.

Unlike traditional domain names, .crypto blockchain domains have no renewal fees and can be custodied in your own wallet, such as MetaMask. This means only you - the owner - of the blockchain domain is able to alter or delete the domain name once you purchase it and claim it to your wallet.

How can I access blockchain domains?

You can access blockchain domains with a single setting change in Chrome and Firefox, or natively from your Opera or Brave browser. Alternatively, you can download the Unstoppable extension in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Is the artwork a separate NFT from the domain?

The artwork and the domain constitute one NFT. In other words, it is a blockchain domain with exclusive artwork attached to it. This way, whenever someone views India.crypto on OpenSea, they will see the artwork along with the blockchain domain. You will still be able to use the domain in the same way you can use any other blockchain domain; the only difference is that the original artwork will always appear alongside the domain on OpenSea.

Who is artist Amrit Pal Singh?

Amrit Pal Singh is a 3D illustrator, art director, and NFT artist known for creating whimsical 3D illustrations and diversity-driven design. You can check out his work and notable clients here.

How do I view this NFT if I win the auction?

Sign into OpenSea using your Metamask extension. OpenSea will connect to your Metamask and verify that you’re the owner of your Ethereum wallet. Then, your account page will show your new NFT.

Place your bid for India.crypto on OpenSea

India has faced devastating loss due to COVID-19, and we are extremely grateful to organizations like India Crypto Relief for raising money toward COVID-19 relief and to NFT artist Amrit Pal Singh for partnering with us pro bono on this project. To place your bid on India.crypto, go to OpenSea starting at 9am PDT on Thursday, May 27, 2021, connect your wallet (instructions here), and place your bid. The auction will end on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 9am PDT.