Premium Web3 Domains Sale

Rare & exclusive Web3 domains, available for the first time ever.

What is a premium domain name NFT?

Web3 domain names are ERC-721 tokens hosted on the Ethereum Mainnet and the Polygon Network. Unstoppable Domain's Web3 names come with special powers:

  • Send, receive, and store hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with one simple human-readable domain name (i.e. Pomp.x)
  • Use your Web3 domain across 200+ integrated dapps, wallets, and exchanges.
  • Unlike regular domains, Unstoppable’s Web3 domains have no renewal fees ever and you can mint yours on Polyon for free!
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What can I use my domain name for?

How to Mint your Web3 domain on Polygon

Sending & receiving crypto with a human-readable Web3 domain

How to build your decentralized website

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I would like to buy [word].crypto, when will it go on sale?

Premium domain names will be regularly released throughout the year. We don’t currently accept special requests for Reserved names, although trademark & brand owners can request their names under our brand protection policy.

Do Web3 domains work in browsers like Chrome & Firefox?

Yes, .crypto domain names can resolve in Chrome & Firefox with a single setting change. Some browsers, like Opera for Android, already natively resolve Web3 domain names by default.

Tell me how to get started.

Buy your domain using credit card, PayPal, crypto, or the app

Set up Metamask

Connect your wallet

Mint your domain

Add your crypto addresses

Check out our learning hub for a step by step walkthrough

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How do I pay for a domain NFT? Can I pay by credit card?

We accept payments by credit card, PayPal, crypto, or the app. For domains priced above $10,000 USD we accept payments via crypto only.