What to do after purchasing a domain

Now that you’ve bought your web3 domain, there’s just a few more steps we recommend you take before you can unlock all of its wonderful superpowers. And we want to make sure we get you set up properly before you’re ready to go! Read on to learn more.

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Before you can unlock all of the superpowers inside your domain, you’ll have to connect your wallet. This is to make sure that we have the proper permissions in place before we can give you full ownership of your domain.

Find out how to connect your wallet here.

Step 2: Mint your domain

What does minting mean exactly? Simply put, if you compare buying a domain to buying a house, then minting your domain would be getting the keys to your new place -- the final step to truly owning your property. 

Once you’ve minted your domain, this data will permanently move from our database onto the blockchain, and ultimately into your crypto wallet. At that point, you’ll have complete ownership over your domain (not even our team would be able to get in if we tried!).

Find out how to mint your domain here.

Step 3: Add crypto addresses

Last step! By connecting your cryptocurrencies to your web3 domain, you no longer need to worry about copy-pasting complicated wallet addresses. Your web3 domain is now your easy-to-remember username. Neat huh?

Find out how to add your crypto addresses here.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re an absolute rockstar! You’re now ready to take on web3 with your web3 domain. To further explore what you can do with your domain, check out our articles on how to build a website and how to send crypto.

So what are you waiting for?

Search for your domain today.