How to come up with a great domain name

So you want to build some crypto cred by choosing the right domain name. Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Your domain name could be one of the first things someone sees on Web3, and we want to make sure it’s the right brand you want to portray.

That said, we put our Unstoppable minds together to gather our best practices to help you pick a great domain name.

1. Aim for simplicity

Choose a simple domain name that people will remember. Uncommon words, aka gibberish, can be hard to spell and it’d be a shame if even you forgot it.

2. Find the best length (at the best price)

Shorter domains are easier to remember, but if you’re finding that the domain names you want are out of your price range, try adding in an extra word or a few numbers at the end. 

3. Have consistency

Using your username from other social media platforms (Email, Twitter, Opensea, Discord) could be the easiest way for you to make the jump from Web2 to Web3. :)

4. Strive for greatness, not perfection

We said we’d help you find a great domain, not a perfect one. Don’t spend hours choosing the perfect name, when that time could be better spent yield farming or shilling NFTs. Just get started and buckle up for the ride ahead!

Endless possibilities

Here at Unstoppable, we want to make sure that you can present all your different selves online. That’s why we offer 10 different TLDs (top level domains) to choose from, ranging from .x to .nft to .wallet.

So what are you waiting for?

Search for your domain today.