6 More Reasons You Need an Unstoppable Domain

Previously, we gave you 5 reasons you need an Unstoppable Domain. We are building more use cases for our Unstoppable members so that you can build out your digital identity. Below are 6 more reasons you need an Unstoppable Domain. 

#1) Persistent Portable Identity 

In Web2, identity is fragmented across all the sites, platforms, and apps that you use. You have tons of passwords that may be easy to guess and repetitive. This creates a terrible user experience on the internet and your digital identity is susceptible to be hacked, manipulated, or even lost. With a web3 domain, your identity becomes functional, portable, and secure across every site and app. Leave passwords in the past. All you need is one domain!

#2) Reputation 

Our reputation in real life is sacred as we guard it very closely. But online we can’t really track our reputation across various apps and sites where we have thousands of likes, comments, posts, and other interactions. Web3 Domains will grant you the ability to build an online reputation and carry your social graph across the web. You will never lose your following or have to rebuild it. 

#3) Digital Property Ownership 

We are undergoing the digital industrial revolution where much of our time and money is going to the digital world. NFTs prove that we own digital property. Your Web3 domain will be your digital identity that you associate all your digital property to. Prove ownership of your digital property. 

#4) Control Your Data 

Web2 platforms save your data on their servers in exchange for giving your services. Companies profit off of your data. Over the past two decades, many companies have had data breaches, leaks, and hacks of their customers’ personal data. As a user, you should be able to opt-in to sharing personal data and know exactly how that data will be used. Web3 Domains give you control over your data. When you give permission for dapps to use your data, you receive improved customer experience and personalized promotions. 

#5) Off-Chain Data Association 

We still need access to information that is off-chain. Not all data can be stored on the blockchain because it may be too large to be efficiently stored on the blockchain or the data requires the capability to be modified or deleted. Web3 Domains will be able to connect to off-chain data, such as verify your social networks and link your KYC (Know Your Customer). 

#6) Humanity Check

Humanity Check is a verified identity layer that attaches to your web3 Domain, while remaining 100% private. With Humanity Check, prove that you’re a unique person to an application in order to elevate your customer experience and collect rewards without ever revealing any personal information. Your privacy comes first and you’re in control of your data!

So what are you waiting for?

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