Trust Wallet is the first to support all 10 Unstoppable Domain endings

Sep 22, 2021·Last updated on Sep 22, 2021

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Trust Wallet's 10 million wallet holders can now use all 10 Unstoppable Domain endings to transfer crypto

Earlier this year we released 8 new domain endings, empowering billions of new users to enter the world of Web3. Since then we have been working hard to add utility to our new domain extensions and we're proud to announce that Trust Wallet will support all 10 of our domain endings as of today!

Now equipped with Unstoppable domains, the millions of users who rely on Binance’s Trust Wallet have a stress-free way to send, receive, and store their funds.  Through this integration, we’re making crypto more accessible for everyone by removing the risk of human error when sending funds, drastically simplifying transactions for Trust Wallet users. Using Trust Wallet has never been easier.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Unstoppable Domain today!

Trust us, you’ll be Unstoppable

Our friends at Trust Wallet have committed to giving users the keys to the decentralized web by allowing users to own their information, with the ultimate goal of making crypto more accessible to the masses. This is why we are happy that the team at TW wanted to work together so we can bring forth the new age of decentralized, free internet. 

After a one-time purchase, you own your Web3 domain– period. This means no renewal fees ever. On top of that, no one at Unstoppable Domains (or the known universe) has the ability to access, alter, or take back your domain once it has been claimed. Decided you want to sell your domain? Go ahead, it's yours. This is true ownership for the decentralized age. We are taking the gatekeeper’s keys from the traditional web and handing them over to you, the user. We do this in the hopes to accomplish our ultimate goal, to give all users around the world their own decentralized identity to join Web3 and a more free age of the internet to onboard the users of Web2 to Web3, we will need to work together to unify the internet. 

Thank you for your support

We are immensely grateful to all of our Unstoppable supporters. Thank you all for believing and continuing to support our mission to onboard the world to the decentralized web. As we continue to integrate our domains with the wider Web3 ecosystem, they are growing into much more than just domains. They are portals to a web where users own their data, their assets, and their identities. We are working hard to set the foundations for the future of Web3, and we can’t thank you enough for joining us on this journey.

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