Unstoppable Domains welcomes the first South African web3 domain registrar 

Nov 03, 2022·Last updated on Nov 03, 2022

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We’re happy to announce that one of our leading community members, Seaport, launched the first Unstoppable Domains registrar in South Africa! On this new platform, NFT Domains SA, people can easily search for any Unstoppable web3 domain. When they find one and are ready to grab it, they’re directed straight to our site to complete the purchase and registration. 

Seaport was inspired by his long-standing web3 domain collection to create this frontend site. He saw an opportunity to share his deep experience and dedicated himself to helping people easily find their domains. NFT Domains SA also features a learning hub to answer common questions about web3 domain names and plans to expand past domains into digital real estate next year. 

“I joined UDfam in late October 2021 and the opportunity to be part of something as superb as UD drove me to build NFT Domains SA for my family, friends and beyond as a conduit to ownership in this digital age. The UDfam is my daily motivation and I am excited to onboard others to get their 1st, or even 100th, domain (and maybe even become UD whales of the future),” added Seaport. 

UD loves to see community members innovating and bringing web3 domains to new markets. Have a domain project you’re working on? Tell us more at bd@unstoppabledomains.com