Unstoppable Domains Is Gaining Traction Across Blockchain Gaming

Jun 06, 2022·Last updated on Jun 06, 2022

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UD’s gaming expert talks innovations, integrations, industry partnerships and sponsorships

Unstoppable Domains is committed to growing the blockchain gaming ecosystem through product innovations, integrations, sponsorships and partnerships. And our efforts are gaining significant traction since announcing our vision for Web3 Domains and the future of blockchain gaming in April, 2022.

New Login Partners And Web3 Domains As In-Game Display Names, Instead of Wallet Addresses.


Decentribes is an upcoming social MMO built on Polygon where players start by owning a piece of the limited amount of land on a planet, which is represented as an NFT.

We worked with Decentribes to both streamline player login and create human-readable in-game identities by using an Unstoppable Domain. Now, instead of being seen by others as a random wallet address, players’ display names match their Web3 domain and are even featured on their virtual land’s mailbox. This is the first time an Unstoppable Domain has been brought into a 3D environment.

Login Partner: Decentribes
Login Partner: Decentribes


Huddle01 is a web3 native video chat platform that we have built an integration with to allow users to bring their Web3 domains into the platform as well.

Login Partner: Huddle01
Login Partner: Huddle01

Rogue Fox Guild

Rogue Fox Guild completed their integration of Login with Unstoppable integration in May, as they saw the potential for a portable digital identity in their upcoming game release. They will also be opening their public mint from June 11, with anticipation of selling quickly.

Login Partner: Rogue Fox Guild
Login Partner: Rogue Fox Guild


Another use case we’re working with a partner on is improving in-game leaderboard experiences.  Top players often want to be recognized for their achievements and integrating Unstoppable Domain names gives the accomplishments more meaning by attributing them to an actual player, not a nameless wallet. This feature is in production for Q3.

In-game leaderboard using Unstoppable Domain as display name
In-game leaderboard using Unstoppable Domain as display name

Working More Closely with Game Founders Through Industry Sponsorships 

As of May 2022, Unstoppable Domains has become the first sponsor of Fairplay Collective, a network of play-to-earn game founders, and a Gold Sponsor of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, an organization of over 300 companies committed to promoting blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Fairplay Collective has committed to exploring how our Login with Unstoppable solution can integrate with games within the collective, including Rogue Fox Guild, Castle of Blackwater, and Northern Guilds

The Blockchain Gaming Alliance has agreed to work with us on joint marketing efforts to spread awareness of our capabilities with their game partners.

Unstoppable Domains x Blockchain Gaming Alliance
Unstoppable Domains x Blockchain Gaming Alliance

Supporting these organizations, companies, and founders is integral to our vision for Web3 domains to serve as a player’s verified digital identity across all Web3 games and apps. 

Through these partnerships, Unstoppable Domains will be able to work closely with gaming partners to enhance player experiences and ultimately drive sector growth.

Building Engaged Communities Through Streamer Partnerships 

Growing up as a gamer, I loved watching streamers on Twitch.tv because they created a sense of community for players and fans of my favorite games.

That’s why the first streamer UD engaged was Een Mercado, a popular streamer in the blockchain gaming space, Talent Operations Manager at Yield Guild Games, and sits on the Axie Infinity esports Council. 

Unstoppable Domains x Een Mercado
Unstoppable Domains x Een Mercado

We were able to engage thousands of Een’s fans through a promotional video and a livestream giveaway where we funded a $1000 “shopping spree” for her to pick out Web3 domains and gift them to her fans.

When I first connected with Een, she mentioned that someone had already claimed her ENS name and was trying to sell it back to her at a pretty steep premium. By owning her new “eenmercado.nft” domain, she had a perfect solution and even decided to build a community around her Unstoppable Domain by updating her Twitter name to match.    

Unstoppable domains x Een Mercado
Unstoppable domains x Een Mercado

We’ve Gained Traction, Now Let’s Build Momentum

My team and I are speaking to gaming companies every week to explore the possibilities in which we can work together. Along with the partners highlighted above, we’ll be sharing exciting updates in our next post featuring three-to-five additional games that are working to implement UD solutions.

For any partnership inquiries please email me at ryan.ing@unstoppabledomains.com

The entire process of partnering with Unstoppable Domains to implement Login takes less than a week. We provide developer docs for various types of programming languages and frameworks.

We hope to hear from you and in the meantime, feel free to check out these other awesome projects that are also live with Login: Huddle 01| Evolution Land | WAM

- Ryan Ing
Gaming Partnerships Lead, Unstoppable Domains