Simpler Web 3 from UD to Z

Oct 11, 2022

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Manage your crypto and NFTs from A to Zerion 

Zerion is a leading investment tool trusted by millions. They provide a single point of entry for managing your DeFi and NFT portfolio, aggregating across thousands of assets, 10 networks and decentralized exchange. Zerion’s mission is to empower Web3 citizens with the most user-friendly and intelligent products in the space, and we are proud to share that their community is able to use Unstoppable Domains as their Web3 identity. 

As of today, you can track all of your portfolios by entering your Unstoppable domain on Zerion, with mobile app support coming soon.

A Smart Web3 wallet… with some extra DNA

Zerion’s Smart Wallet users can now manage their Web3 portfolio across all of their wallets and addresses by simply linking their Unstoppable Web3 domain to the Zerion app. This removes the stress of entering incorrect addresses since you can send and receive crypto through human-readable Web3 domain names, like Taylor.crypto.

“We believe in a world where people have control over their assets, data and identities,” said Head of Marketing Alexander Guy. “Unstoppable Domains offers Zerion users a powerful step in this direction by making it easier than ever to navigate Web3 and take control of their identities.”

“For a simpler Web3 journey, people need to be able to keep track of all their decentralized assets. Now, with Unstoppable Domains, Zerion users will not only be able to track their domains but will benefit from Zerion’s unique DNA (Dynamic NFT Avatars). We love this feature, as these evolving NFTs create a bridge between social profile picture, on-chain activity, and identity on the blockchain,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains.

Zerion is making Web3 investing simple. We’re thrilled to become part of their DNA with this digital identity integration and know our #UDfam is going to love the new utility!