Introducing Unstoppable Leaderboards

Jun 07, 2023

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We're excited to unveil Unstoppable Leaderboards, a dynamic way to show off your on-chain achievements and connect with new frens in your community. 

With our latest update, you can showcase your on-chain accomplishments and ownership in NFT communities and see how you rank up against the competition, while discovering the incredible communities other #UDfam members are hodling. 

You can also follow your favorite Web3 domains to start building an engagement network for upcoming social features with Unstoppable.

Discover how our leaderboards can make your digital identity and NFT experience even more engaging and fun!

Unstoppable Badges

If you’re not already familiar with Badges, we’ll give you a quick rundown. 

Badges represent your achievements, skills, ownership and other accomplishments in Web3. Whether earned or awarded, Badges allow anyone to verify and showcase their accomplishments within their Unstoppable profile and get rewarded for their contributions in Web3. 

A domain owner will automatically receive a badge just by hodling an NFT for a collection that is already sponsored, or they can sponsor their favorite communities to show off on their profile for $9.99 a year. Sponsors earn special shoutouts on the badge description call-out to thank them for representing the community.

Sponsoring badges is just the start, and we’re working on more ways for people to boost their favorite Web3 projects and communities.

Discover Leaderboards

With Leaderboards, we're taking the badge concept to new heights by offering you the opportunity to compete and be recognized for your accomplishments.

Leaderboards have long been an essential element of competitive environments, driving engagement and fostering a sense of community. They encourage friendly competition and allow people to showcase their skills.

In the context of NFTs and digital badges, leaderboards serve as a unique and powerful way to bring communities together, highlighting the most dedicated collectors and enthusiasts. By participating in Leaderboards, people can share their passion for their favorite NFTs and communities, creating new connections and furthering their digital identities.

We feature leaderboards in five main categories:

1. Domains - Most Badges: Show off your collection of unique badges, highlighting your diverse interests and achievements in the NFT space. The Badges category shows you who belongs to the most communities and has accomplished the most.

2. Domains - Most Badge Sponsorships: Create and sponsor badges for your favorite communities, providing profile badges to all NFT holders within the community. The Sponsorships category shows you who has sponsored the most communities with a custom badge.

3. Domains - Most Followers: View a list of popular domain profiles using the follower ranking leaderboard. Followers are the foundation for upcoming social features with your Unstoppable Domain.

4. Badges - All: See which Web3 badge communities have the most Unstoppable holders.

5. Badges - Sponsored: See which sponsored badge communities have the most Unstoppable holders.

Getting Started with Leaderboards

Ready to dive into the world of Leaderboards and showcase your digital accomplishments? Follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Unstoppable account.

2. Navigate to your Unstoppable profile (My Domains - Manage Domain - View Profile).

3. Start collecting badges, sponsoring badges, and participating in badged activities.

4. Keep an eye on your ranking and try to climb the leaderboard!

Your badges are updated automatically every couple days, but you can always refresh them on-demand using your domain management page. Just click the “refresh” button to scan your NFT collections and you’ll be presented with a list of awarded badges.

What's Next for Leaderboards

We're committed to enhancing the Leaderboards experience for the Unstoppable community. In the future, we plan to introduce new features, expand the types of leaderboards available, and offer more ways for you to engage with your favorite NFT communities.

We can't wait for you to try out Leaderboards and discover the thrill of showcasing your digital achievements - a key component of your decentralized digital identity. Join us on this exciting journey and let us know what you think!