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Introducing Premium Analytics: Get Insights and Build Relationships with your Community

Jun 22, 2023·Last updated on Jun 22, 2023

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Premium Analytics, a new offering designed to help our partners get better insights and build stronger relationships with their communities.

Community is at the heart of Web3, so it’s crucial that our partner apps, games, and metaverses understand how people are using their identities. But in Web3, partners are often left with only a wallet address, limiting their ability to forge deeper relationships or offer personalized experiences to their communities. 

Premium Analytics addresses this challenge head-on, empowering our partners to unlock new opportunities for connection and engagement. Using Premium Analytics, our partners can gain insights about Unstoppable domain owners and how they’re using their platforms. This data will help partners create personalized experiences, foster engagement, and reward their communities in meaningful new ways. 

As always, with Unstoppable, people are in control of their data. Premium Analytics uses an opt-in model, through which domain owners choose what off-chain data they share. Our approach aligns with the core principles of Web3, preserving users' sovereignty while enabling partners to create better experiences for their communities.

Premium Analytics offers two types of information about domain profiles: 

  • Analytics Dashboard: Partners can leverage our intuitive analytics dashboard to gain comprehensive visibility into user activity, data, metrics, and trends. This provides valuable insights to help them understand how their communities are interacting with their Web3 identities.
  • JSON Payload (Scopes): In addition to the analytics dashboard, partners will receive a JSON payload, delivered to their applications each time a user logs into their application using Login with Unstoppable. This real-time data stream offers a deeper level of integration, enabling partners to develop custom experiences such as token gating, tailored to their users' specific preferences and behaviors.

Coming soon, we’re launching Business-to-User Messaging, a new feature that will revolutionize how partners interact with their communities. Premium Analytics partners will be able to send relevant notifications and messages directly to their users, fostering real-time engagement with communities and sub-communities. 

Here's a breakdown of what’s included in Premium Analytics:

  • Domain Name: The unique identifier representing the user's domain.
  • Wallet Address: The associated cryptocurrency wallet address for seamless transactions and interactions.
  • Privacy-Protected Email: An email address that protects the user's privacy with an email address connected to their domain that forwards to their personal email, or the option to create a new, encrypted email address with one of our email partners.
  • Last Login Time: The timestamp indicating the user's most recent login.
  • Number of Visits: The total count of visits to the partner's platform.
  • Humanity Check Status: Verification that the domain owner has proven they’re a human through the Humanity Check process.
  • Badges: Badges showcase wallet achievements, such as a collection of on-chain items, reflecting a domain owner’s participation in Web3 communities.
  • Profile information: Domain owners can opt into sharing certain profile information, including: Name; Location; Bio; IPFS Website; Profile picture; URL; Phone; and Social channels.

We’re excited to help unlock the potential of Web3 identity and empower our partners to build better relationships with their communities through Premium Analytics. Get started with Premium Analytics by subscribing on the Partner Dashboard and learn more about partnering with Unstoppable here.