We're partnering with MoonPay to make Web3 simpler

Jul 13, 2022·Last updated on Jul 13, 2022

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Simplify buying crypto on Moonpay with your Unstoppable domain

At Unstoppable Domains, we’re working to onboard the world to Web3, and that means making it easier for people to use crypto. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with MoonPay, one of the world’s leading web3 infrastructure companies. Now, people can buy any of more than 80 cryptocurrencies on MoonPay and easily send it to their wallet using their Unstoppable domain. 

Instead of entering a long, complicated crypto wallet address, MoonPay users are able to enter their Unstoppable domain, like sandy.crypto, in the MoonPay buying flow. By eliminating the need to enter a long, complicated wallet address, we’re making getting your crypto as simple as sending an email. To celebrate, we’re giving all MoonPay users a $40 credit to get their first Unstoppable domain. Existing MoonPay users will receive an email with next steps on how to claim their domain credit.  

“MoonPay and Unstoppable Domains share a common mission to make it easier for everyone to onboard into the world of Web3,” said MoonPay co-founder and CEO Ivan Soto-Wright. “MoonPay’s checkout product makes topping up crypto wallets with bank cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay on the front-end smooth and intuitive. Unstoppable Domains streamlines the tail-end of the journey by removing complex strings of digits and characters for public wallet addresses and replacing them with custom domains. Working together, our new partnership will help make navigating Web3 a seamless experience.”

“We’re thrilled to be adding MoonPay to our Unstoppable partner family and are excited to work together to make Web3 more intuitive,” said Sandy Carter, SVP of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “Whether someone is just starting out in Web3 or is a seasoned cryptopian, our partnership with MoonPay will make their experience simpler.”

Web3 identity for all

Your Unstoppable Domain is your portal to Web3. Replace complicated crypto wallet addresses with a simple username, build your Web3 identity, or login seamlessly to more than 265 dapps, wallets and exchanges. With Unstoppable, you’re in control – you choose what data you want to share with the websites, apps and other platforms you use. 

Expanding access to Web3

Simplifying Web3 is at the heart of both MoonPay and Unstoppable Domains’ missions. MoonPay is reducing barriers to crypto adoption by offering a simple and secure software solution that lets people buy and sell crypto using payment methods they're familiar with, like credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Together, we’re giving people more peace of mind as they buy crypto, so we bring the next 100 million people into the Web3 ecosystem.

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