We're LIVE on Polygon! You Can Now Mint Your Domains for Free!

Nov 15, 2021·Last updated on Nov 15, 2021

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It’s official! You can now mint Web3 Domains for free on Polygon! 

After months of research and engineering, we’re excited to announce that domain minting is now live on Polygon! Starting today, customers can now mint (aka claim) any unminted domains to the Polygon Blockchain for free with $0 gas fees!

As we announced in a prior blog post, Unstoppable Domains will be covering all gas fees for transactions that take place on the Polygon blockchain. At the time of this posting and based on current Ethereum gas prices, this will save the average customer over $200 in gas fees just for minting, and with Unstoppable Domains covering all subsequent gas fees, the savings could go into the thousands for customers who own multiple domains or add multiple wallet addresses to their domains. Add a couple years and those savings really start to add up!

Don't have an Web3 Domain yet? You can get one here.

Ownership > Subscription

We’ve long believed that Web3 Domains should be about ownership, not subscriptions, and accessible for all, which is why we’ve never charged our customers renewal fees for their domains. Starting today, customers will now be able to buy an Unstoppable Domain for as little as $5-20, and know that they won’t have to pay any additional fees to set up or use their domains.

  • No Renewal Fees
  • No Minting Fees (on Polygon)
  • No Gas Fees (on Polygon)

Awesome! But... What is Minting?

Minting (sometimes referred to as “registering” or “claiming”) is the process of pushing your domains from our database onto the public ledger of the Polygon blockchain, and into your cryptocurrency wallet. Once a domain is minted, you have full custody over the domain and it opens up all the various use cases and feature capabilities Web3 domains can offer like hosting a decentralized website, simplifying crypto payments, setting up NFT galleries and being able to use Login with Unstoppable. If you wish to use your domain, sell it or gift it - you must mint it first.

So How Do You Mint Your Domain?

We thought you’d never ask! Gone are the days where you needed to wait a few hours (or even days) to have your domain minted. It now takes just less than a minute to complete!

We’ve created the following video to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how you can mint a purchased Web3 domain. Please note, the following video shows how to do it with MetaMask, however we have created additional instructions on how to do it with other popular wallets here.

Step-by-Step Instructions

How to mint your domain with MetaMask. (Additional step-by-step instructions for other major wallets can be found here)

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Unstoppable Domains account
  • Step 2: Go to the My Domains section of our website
  • Step 2:  Find the unminted domain you’d like to mint and click “Free Mint” next to the domain and then “Continue” on the pop up window that appears. (Domains that have previously been minted to Ethereum will not display the option to mint to Polygon as that feature is not available yet)
  • Step 3: Choose and approve which wallet you’d like to mint your domain to. You'll either be prompted to sign the connection if you are connecting with a browser extension wallet, or if you have a different wallet, be asked to open up your wallet to approve the transaction using a QR code or other verification method.
  • Step 4: Then check the box next to I understand then click on Confirm to mint the domain.
  • That's It!: You’re done! Once the mint process is complete you can click on Track Progress and then click on tx_id_0000 next to the domain to view the transaction on the Polygon network. You can also repeat the process for any other unminted domains you own.

What's Next?

Today, you can now mint any unminted domain directly onto the Polygon Blockchain for free using our domain minting tool.

Domain Management on Polygon will be introduced in the coming weeks, at which point you will be able to  configure your minted domains with multiple wallets to receive 270+ coins and tokens, set up your decentralized website or NFT galleries, make edits to domains, and use our Login with Unstoppable product. We encourage you to mint your domains today and we will notify you once domain management is available.

Bridging Domains Minted on Ethereum to Polygon and Vice Versa
For customers who have previously minted a domain to Ethereum, the ability to bridge those domains to Polygon will be introduced in the coming months as will the ability to move domains domains on Polygon back to Ethereum if you so desire. Please note, Unstoppable Domains will be covering gas fees for all Polygon transactions. Any transactions made on the Ethereum Blockchain will still be customers responsibility, though the option to move to Polygon will always be available. 

An Important Reminder
In order to move a domain that has previously been minted to the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon blockchain you will need to pay a final one-time Ethereum gas fee, however once you do Unstoppable Domains will be covering all gas fees on Polygon thereafter, giving you access to hundreds if not thousands in savings per year.

Third Party Capabilities: As part of this migration to Polygon, all of the integrated "apps" (wallets, exchanges, etc) will have to update their resolution libraries or API endpoints in order to be able to read and resolve Web3 domains on Polygon. We're going to make this as easy as possible for everyone; however, until such updates occur, domains minted on Polygon may not resolve in all wallets and exchanges and we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for each app as it's at the discretion of each individual product and engineering organization.

For additional resources please check out our Polygon/L2 Help Center. We have also included a detailed overview of what will be accessible during each of the remaining 3 phases of our rollout below.

Overview of the Remaining Migration Phases

Phase 1,  November 15th (Minting onto Polygon)  - NOW LIVE!

  • Users can now mint domains on Polygon (ETH and Matic addresses will be auto assigned) 
  • Option to move previously minted domains from Ethereum to Polygon will be available in phase 3 (not yet)
  • Domain management will become available in Phase 2 (not yet)
  • .zil domains won't be mintable on Polygon until Phase 4

Phase 2, Late November (Managing on Polygon) 

  • Users will be able to manage domains that have been minted onto Polygon
  • Users will be able to connect to wallet addresses for 275+ cryptocurrencies, build websites, nft galleries, etc

Note: After Phase 2, new domains will be fully manageable and mintable on Polygon.  Phase 3 and 4 focus on migrating older infrastructure to work on the new Polygon system.

Phase 3, est. December - February (Moving minted domains from Ethereum to Polygon) 

  • Users will be able to move previously minted domains from Ethereum to Polygon
  • Users will be able to move previously minted domains from Zilliqa to Polygon

Phase 4, est. end of Q1 2022 (Moving minted domains from Polygon to Ethereum) 

  • Users will be able to move domains minted on Polygon to Ethereum

Thank you to the Unstoppable Family

We're excited to see all that you do with your domains once they have been minted. We know this migration has taken longer than we had originally anticipated and appreciate our community's patience and support. We’re confident that Polygon is the right choice for our customers. Making Web3 Domains more accessible for everyone is an important first step to bringing about greater adoption and we look forward to working with the community to build the future of web3. 

A Place to Answer All of Your Polygon Questions

To stay up to date on the latest regarding our migration to Polygon and get answers to your frequently asked questions, please check out our Polygon Help Center. You can read up on why we selected Polygon as our Layer 2 Scaling Solution by reading our prior blog post. As always, our community team will be available to answer questions.