Introducing Login with Unstoppable

Jan 10, 2022·Last updated on Jan 11, 2022

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After months of testing, we’re excited to announce the global launch of Login with Unstoppable, a new and easy way for people to log into Web2 and Web3 apps using their unique Web3 domain as a username. With Login with Unstoppable, people can verify their identity and share the data they want (including metadata and proof of ownership) across various apps and metaverses, all while maintaining 100% ownership and control of their digital identity. In the future, Login with Unstoppable will be able to support proof-of-humanity verification, and much more.

Building the Foundations for Digital Identity

Login with Unstoppable is the next evolution of Web3 domains and the foundation for digital identity on the new web. It is the first functional NFT single sign-on service for Ethereum and Polygon and will replace the need for usernames and passwords across Web3. At launch, it will be supported by over 58 apps, with more coming in the following months. 

In addition to eliminating new account creations, Login with Unstoppable allows people to share data, such as email addresses, NFTs, and off-chain information, with the applications they use. Because the login is tied to a domain and not a particular private public key pair, you can move domains around seamlessly. This is especially useful if you want to rotate your keys or transfer the domain with your attached reputation to another wallet.

How Does It Work?

  1. When you visit an app and log in with your domain, the app reads the domain and directs you to the authorization server saved to that domain name. 
  2. You then authenticate and grant access to the information requested by signing a transaction with the key that owns your domain. 
  3. The app receives an access token and an id token from the authorization server with your contact information (e.g., email address). 
  4. You and the app now have an open communication channel! 

To start, Unstoppable will run the first servers, but the end goal will be to enable every person to run their own server over time. Think running a Raspberry Pi or renting a personal server on Amazon AWS or a decentralized protocol. Just like how most people have a mobile phone in their pocket, we think one day, we’ll all have our own server, ultimately giving us full ownership and control of our data.

Improving Web3 Onboarding

By allowing you to easily sign in with an Unstoppable Domain, everyone can now have a universal and portable username they can use across all their apps. Every app can then reference this domain to pull the info you choose and permission to share - like your domain name or favorite NFT profile picture - to show in their app. This makes for a much simpler onboarding experience as you don’t need to enter or upload virtually any information, which significantly reduces the barriers to entry for new apps and encourages greater competition for the best web experience. Win win for all!

“Web3 needs a better onboarding experience, and this foundational layer for digital identity is fundamental for our customers and partners in achieving this mission,” said Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains. “Login with Unstoppable provides a foundation for digital identity in the Web3 era by allowing people to carry a unique username across wallets, apps, services, games, and the metaverse. Web3 domains now become a unique internet identifier that can be used as a login with Web3 superpowers.” 

A Free Solution for Web2 and Web3 Apps

For companies, Login with Unstoppable is the first free solution to allow members to log in using an Web3 domain, instead of connecting a wallet. With minimal resources, companies can accelerate onboarding by having people bring their digital identities with them when they log in. For members, Login with Unstoppable addresses the username and password issues that have plagued Web2 by allowing members to select one unique username in the form of an Web3 domain, such as “yourname.crypto,” “yourname.nft,” or yourname.x.” Unlike traditional emails and logins, Web3 domains are 100% user-owned, with people having full control over sharing of their data. And with no renewal fees, there’s no security risks around your domain expiring or being sniped. It's your identity, you shouldn't have to worry about losing it.

“Logging in securely and easily can be a problem across the web. We believe that the new Login with Unstoppable solution can abstract most of that, enabling a seamless point of entry for users into the metaverse, as well as an identity they can count on moving forwards,” said Rev Miller, Co-Founder of Atlantis World. “At Atlantis World, we’re committed to implementing the best and smartest solutions for our users from across the Web3 stack without sacrificing our mission or values. So, Unstoppable Domains was a natural partner for us when we heard about the new login solution. We’re delighted to build Login with Unstoppable into the metaverse and are already planning to build out more utility for the Unstoppable Domains community.”

A Growing Amount of Integrated Apps

More than 58 companies either have or are already integrating Login with Unstoppable to improve Web3’s UX and help people better own and manage their digital identities. Over time, this will grow to thousands of integrated apps. (If you’re a Web2 or Web3 app interested in integrating, please apply here.)

Along with Atlantis.World, early integrations include gaming apps Drakons, MegaCryptoPolis, Farsite, and ChainGuardians; Metaverse app Parcel, NFT projects Deadheads and The Radiant Society, DeFi projects Cook Finance, DeHive, GoodGhosting, Pruf, SonikChain, WSBDapp, Saddle Finance, and; and IP company EducationNFT. 

“UX is a lingering concern for all of Web3, including DeFi, so we welcomed an identity solution that helps us tackle this pain point and improve the user onboarding process,” said Cage Chen, CTO at Cook Finance. “We know this is just the beginning for Digital Identity through Login with Unstoppable, and look forward to all of the additional features on the horizon.” 

Login with Unstoppable - Showed in Cook.Finance's app
Login with Unstoppable - Showed in Cook.Finance's app

Future Roadmap

Login with Unstoppable first launched in beta in October 2021. Over the next few months we’ll be focusing on growing the amount of integrated apps, evolving Login with Unstoppable to become fully decentralized, and adding support for reputation data. Additional features that will be coming include: 

  • Portable reputation: enabling you to bring your business’ reviews or profiles’ followers to various platforms
  • Simpler signup processes: a one-click proof-of-humanity solution
  • Better privacy and control: open source tools to easily run your own server and keep your data private
  • Faster checkout: ability to pre-fill your fiat & crypto payment info as well as shipping info
  • and much more to come!

Imagine a world where you’re in control of your data, and where companies provide incentives based on your past actions, allegiances or reputation. A world with you at the center, where businesses compete for you and reward you. That’s Web3, and Login with Unstoppable. 

Grow Your App with Unstoppable Domains

Starting today, apps will be able to integrate this new feature with only a few lines of code to establish a direct communication channel between themselves and their members. Unstoppable Domains is committed to growing the Web3 ecosystem and provides grants to developers building in Web3. To learn more about grant opportunities or to integrate Login with Unstoppable, click here.