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How to Change your Profile Picture (PFP) for your Unstoppable Web3 Name

Feb 08, 2023·Last updated on Feb 08, 2023

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By Paul Costas, QA Mobile, Unstoppable Domains

Have you noticed that some Unstoppable Web3 domains show a picture attached to them when viewed on dapps or marketplaces? This article will walk you through the different ways you can connect your profile picture (PFP) to your Web3 domain.

I have had a casual interest in living off-grid for quite some time. My wife builds off grid properties in less than a week. It’s a shame they only run on 2 x AA batteries (yes they are scale-models 😉).

This led me to choosing offgrid4u, with all the available TLDs, as my Web3 domain. Everything looked like this when I minted them.

Whether on the Unstoppable Token Gallery, Unstoppable mobile app, OpenSea, or other third party marketplaces, the image associated with the Web3 domain was a simple Unstoppable place holder. Web3 is all about personalization, so most domain owners want to create a representative image for their domain name beyond the placeholder images. That’s why we introduced the ability to link a PFP to your Unstoppable domain. 

There are three options currently available for setting a PFP: 

1. Use an on-chain NFT

2. Upload a PFP from your local device

3. Link to an online image

Use an on-chain NFT

You can set an NFT from your wallet as your Unstoppable PFP. From the profile management page, simply click “Add avatar” and then pick “Select NFT.”

This will prompt you to choose an NFT from your wallet. Next you will confirm and sign a transaction to start the on-chain process.

After your PFP has been updated on your Unstoppable profile, you can go to OpenSea and manually update the metadata from their side. Click the three dots towards the top right of your Web3 domain listing on the OpenSea site as shown below. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the OpenSea page to see the new PFP.

The Unstoppable Community Team has a detailed guide for this, but do note the warning:

Upload an Avatar

The remaining options for setting a PFP are now much more flexible as any image can be used, not just NFTs. Off-chain PFPs are now available in your Unstoppable Token Gallery, our mobile app and on third party sites like OpenSea.

For the best results, crop your images so they are square as shown below.

Try to avoid images with light backgrounds to ensure the Web3 domain name overlay is clearly visible. Smaller images enable faster page loading of your profile page, with the maximum size set as 1000px X 1000px (5MB). You can use JPG, PNG and even animated GIF file formats! Check out the cool animated GIF in this Tweet for goldenkoi.dao.

After uploading the chosen image, your mobile app and UD.me profile will be updated. Please note it might take some time for the cached version of your profile page to show the new images.

Next refresh the MetaData on OpenSea (see earlier) and it will update as shown here and below!

Link to Avatar URL

The latest addition for setting a PFP is to link to an online image. You can use the URL for an image uploaded to IPFS to go the decentralized route, or you could use images on Web2 sites like Imgur.

Look for square images where possible (or crop them if necessary) and avoid light backgrounds.

It's not the link to the Imgur post that you use; rather it's the link to the image within the post. Right click the image in the Imgur post and select Copy Image Address.

Then paste the URL into the Avatar URL field on the Unstoppable site.

As with the other PFP methods, the iOS mobile app, your UD.me profile, and third party marketplaces will show the new PFP for you to share on Twitter and other social media channels (Android update is on the roadmap!).

Don’t have any cool images to use for your PFP? We have you covered! Check out the new avatars from Ready Player Me and design your own custom metaverse avatar for free.

I hope this guide to setting up your PFP has been helpful, and please be sure to tag us on Twitter once yours is live!