TofuNFT + Unstoppable Domains Sale!

May 06, 2022·Last updated on May 06, 2022

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Make a Name for Yourself On One of Web3’s Largest Multi-chain NFT Marketplaces

On May 13, we’re partnering with tofuNFT to drop a collection of 100 Gamefi-focused Web3 domains, like RocketApe and DefiLady, so you can make a super-charged name for yourself in Web3!

TofuNFT Takes Gamefi Next Level

TofuNFT specializes in creating incentives-based economies through Gamefi NFTs that provide play-to-earn benefits and can be moved in and out of virtual worlds.

Unlocking this new level of player control has made tofuNFT one of Web3's largest multi-chain NFT marketplaces! Listed in the top 20 Marketplaces by DappRadar, tofuNFT supports 27 different blockchains, including Binance.

Put A Face To The Name And Verify Ownership Of Your tofuNFT

An Unstoppable Domain is your real name in the digital world. It’s your identity. It’s your reputation.

It’s you.  

And with verified ownership of NFT Avatars, you can put a face to the name.

Once you’ve found the perfect tofuNFT to represent you across Web3, you can join the tens of thousands of people who have added them to their UD, Twitter, and Discord profiles, so you can be you, everywhere you go online.

For a step-by-step guide to transforming your favorite NFT into an eye-catching, high profile pic, visit our Learning Hub

Lifelong, Fee-Free Ownership

Like any Unstoppable Domain, when you buy one from our tofuNFT drop, ownership is lifelong and fee free. No renewal fees. Just total control over an NFT name that no one can take from you without permission - not even us.

Don’t Wait, These Won’t Last Forever!

If your favorite tofuNFT is your Avatar in the Metaverse and land is your home, then your Unstoppable Domain is like your mailing address and inventory box.

With options like johnhodl.nft, edgelord.nft, coolkenji.nft, or oldgreg.nft, you’re bound to find a name that suits you. What are you waiting for? Make a name for yourself before it's taken! Click here