Lazy Lions Co-Founder Interview

Feb 11, 2022·Last updated on Feb 11, 2022

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Unstoppable Domains and Lazy Lions are joining forces to onboard The Pride into Web3. We're giving every Lazy Lion holder their own Web3 domains which can simplify crypto transactions, act as a Web3 URL, host NFT galleries, and more. Think about it like this— If a Lazy Lion is your digital avatar and the private island is your home in the Metaverse, then your Unstoppable Domain is your address!

We got to talk with Lazy Lions Co-founder Ashur about this unique project. Read on to learn why we love Lazy Lions!

Who are the Lazy Lions?

Lazy Lions is an OG, 10k, pfp, NFT project. We are a loud, dedicated and roaring community of not only 5,000 plus Lion holders, but also an active Discord of over 140,000 users- including our "Bungalowners" and new-to-nft cubs.

How long has the team been building the Lazy Lion community? 

Building the largest and loudest NFT community is an on-going journey, but it started (all the way 😆) back in July of 2021 with our Pre-Launch Pride. The Discord was opened a few weeks before minting began and since then, the community has really come into our own. We quickly established ourselves as a respected project in the space and The Pride works hard everyday to maintain our thrones as Kings and Queens.

What makes the Lazy Lions unique compared to other NFT PFPs?

Among many, the three most unique factors would have to be:
1. The Pride. The long-term brand focus and innovation.
2. Our community's consistent social media engagement, welcoming attitude, helpfulness, and positivity is widely recognized as top-tier.
3. Our focus on long-term building over short-term pumps has been a project tent-pole with us from day one—

Roars > Floors.

This, along with the partners that we have and that we continue to acquire, shows that we are not interested in stepping over dollars to collect quarters. Whether it's our first-of-its-kind ROARwards incentives, our unique Lazy Lions Collectibles program, or our customizable Bungalow NFTs, Lions lead and work hard to consistently explore all the possibilities Web3 has to offer.

Commercial rights and having a voice are central features of ownership. What prompted this decision? Why is it important?

The Community is The Project and The Project is The Community— another one of our key values.

Giving full IP rights to Lazy Lion holders was an obvious choice for the project to immediately give back to the community upon purchase. In turn, the community can immediately create fun content, merchandise and anything else imaginable with their Lion, furthering the project's brand recognition. It's an easy win/win… and… very fun for us personally. We love to see how creative our Lazy Lion holders truly are. 🦁

By joining the community, Lazy Lions have access to any Metaverse LL enters. What will those Metaverse(s) look like?

The Lazy Lions spend their post-roaring day relaxing on The Private Island. Inside our metaverse ventures, we'll show off what exactly the island looks like and the fun you can have while there. Sandbox and VR Chat are our first steps inside and we already have many fun things planned, such as concerts, talks, game nights, etc. We are all very excited to roar together inside the metaverse very soon.

What can you tell non-holders about the Sandbox private island? What’s your favorite part?

Holder or not, we're all 👑's and on The Private Island you will be able to experience that. Whether it be enjoying our social hub, attending events or playing our game, everyone will have the opportunity to to live the life of a Lazy Lion on our 3x3 Sandbox plot.

Are there any big announcements or plans for 2022?

Many big and exciting things are coming this year. We've recently released our 2022 roadmap that previews many things to come- Cubs, Lionesses, $Roar Token, games, events, partnerships and charities. Massive marketing and partnership plays are a big focus for the team this year as well, with many non-roadmap announcements coming in the near future.

How do you see Lazy Lions growing in the next 5 years?

Lazy Lions will further cement our status as a "blue-chip" project throughout the following years. We have focused from day one on building a very stable foundation for a long-term, scalable brand and community. The Pride will continue to Roar well into mainstream adoption and welcome all the new cubs with helpful, open paws… because at the end of the day… the bigger the jungle, the bigger the kingdom.

👑 🦁

The Lazy Lion community has grown exponentially since its launch in the summer of 2021! We're excited to partner with for them to make Web3 more accessible for everyone.

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