7 Awesome NFT Galleries to Explore Today

Apr 29, 2021

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Over the last week, we made two exciting announcements: our new NFT gallery feature and our integration with Opera. You can now display your NFTs in a gallery view with your .crypto blockchain domain and view it natively on the Opera browser. We’re extremely excited about this feature because you can now display all of your NFTs in an online gallery for everyone to see instead of holding them all privately in your wallet. Here are 7 of our favorite NFT galleries to explore today.

How to Access NFT Galleries

Prior to our integration with Opera, there were a couple of ways to access .crypto websites (including NFT galleries) on the decentralized web:

  1. Download the Unstoppable Domains Chrome extension
  2. Update your DNS settings on Chrome or Firefox 

Now, all you have to do is download the Opera browser (it’s free) and type any .crypto URL into the search bar to view their NFT gallery.

7 Awesome NFT Galleries to Explore Today

Here are 7 of our favorite Web3 sites you can start exploring today.

1. Frankynines.crypto

The first artist .crypto NFT gallery created was frankynines.crypto. Franky Aguilar, also known as frankynines, has been minting NFT art since 2018 and has created NFT art collaborations with big names like Snoop Dog, Steve Aoki, Major Lazer, Grumpy Cat, and many others. His NFT art is on Superrare, Opensea, Rarible, Zora, Foundation, and pretty much every NFT art platform, so the best way to find all of his art in one place is by checking out his NFT gallery at frankynines.crypto.

2. Cryptonio123art.crypto 

Another very early NFT gallery built with a .crypto domain name was cryptonio123art.crypto. The NFT art you see here is all part of a collection worth over $1 million. This is definitely a gallery to keep your eye on if you’re looking for the latest high value crypto art.

3. Graffitikings.crypto 

If you like graffiti art, you’ll want to check out graffitikings.crypto. Graffiti Kings is a team of professional graffiti and street artists founded by London graffiti artist, Darren Cullen. Darren was the official street artist for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the only professional graffiti artist approved by the British Government, so you’ve probably already seen his work somewhere without realizing who it belonged to. The gallery at graffitikings.crypto includes all NFT art created by the team at Graffiti Kings as well as other NFT art the team has collected.

4. Cryptofinally.crypto

Rachel Siegel, the face behind Crypto Finally, is a speaker and influencer in the crypto space - and an avid NFT art collector! Her cryptofinally.crypto NFT gallery consists of a mix of NFTs she minted herself and NFTs she purchased from others. She also has a stacked collection of CryptoKitties, which are super cute regardless of whether you’re a cat person or not.

5. Artefact-eth.crypto 

Artefact-eth.crypto is one of my personal favorites. Artefact’s collection includes a diverse mix of NFT art, from portraits to 3D art to motion graphics. Some pieces in Artefact’s collection are listed for sale on OpenSea, but most are not, which leads me to believe that Artefact is primarily focused on collecting art they love and want to keep rather than collecting for the purpose of making a quick profit.

6. Topten.crypto 

Topten.crypto is a collection of original artwork created by Unknown NFT and artwork created by other artists. The gallery is very diverse, ranging from landscape artwork to crypto animals and beyond. There's something here for everyone. This is definitely an NFT gallery I'm keeping my eye on to see if I can snag a piece of artwork in the future.

7. Bluecheese.crypto 

While most people jumped onto the NFT bandwagon in the last few months, OpenkeyUK, the collector behind the NFT gallery at bluecheese.crypto, has been collecting NFT art for over seven months. This collection has just about every type of NFT art, and it’s interesting to see how the collector’s style has changed over time. This collector also creates their own NFT art, and some of their NFT artworks are available for purchase on OpenSea.

If you have a .crypto decentralized NFT gallery you’d like us to check out, please send it to us on Twitter @unstoppableweb and we’d love to take a look. Don’t forget to get your blockchain domain, set up your NFT gallery, and download the Opera browser to view it natively from your browser.