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Unstoppable Domains in Asia

Sep 30, 2022·Last updated on Sep 30, 2022

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Unstoppable Domains, the leading digital identity platform, came to Asia for the first time in 2022. Our goal was to provide more local support for our Asia partners in the region. Kicking off our plan, we hired our head of Asia, Nilkanth Iyer. Nilkanth is a leader in the software intelligence space and joined Unstoppable with two decades of experience, having built partnerships in the Asia Pacific market during his last stint as SVP & General Manager for APAC and Middle East at CAST Software. 

With nearly 80 percent of the world’s millennials and Gen Z living in Asia, the region is one of the hottest markets for Web3. While most of the deep infrastructure development in the Web3 space is still centered around the US, a lot of Web3 startups in the consumer space are expanding across Asia, building dApps, P2E gaming, metaverses and wallets for the world. 

We were privileged to support Asia Crypto Week where our team had major meetings and keynotes with Singapore Blockchain Gaming Conference, Token 2049, and Digital Asset Summit. 

This week has been jam-packed with exciting announcements around how we are adding more utility for our partners and customers. Our updates include a deep relationship with key Asia partners, expanding into top industries, and a focus on diversity and education. Let’s get into it!

Making crypto easier with OKC (OKX Chain)

OKC (OKX Chain) is the chain backed by OKX, the world’s second largest crypto exchange by trading volume and the largest in Asia with over 20 million users. At Token 2049, we announced that we are partnering with OKC to make sending and receiving crypto easier via human-readable domain names. OKC (OKX Chain), the EVM and IBC compatible chain backed by OKX – the world’s second largest crypto exchange by trading volume – announced an integration with us at Token2049. Now, OKX wallet users can send and receive token assets from more than 20 public chains using a human-readable wallet address, like ong.x – making crypto transactions simpler and more intuitive

Bringing digital identity to artists with Polygon eDAO

Entertainment is one of the fastest-growing industries in the metaverse. Unstoppable Domains partnered with Polygon, a global company with its roots in Asia and a strong presence in the entertainment space, making Unstoppable the premier domain provider for Polygon’s eDAO (Entertainment DAO). 

The eDAO is an entertainment-focused DAO, incubated by Polygon, that aims to decentralize, grow and innovate the Polygon community in the fast-growing Web3 entertainment space. The Web3 domains provided by Unstoppable allow each individual user a decentralized digital identity, helping them contribute to the DAO and carry their reputation and badges across different projects.

Leveraging Web3 technology for networking and educational events

Diversity is an important topic in Asia. With over 51% of the population being women, bringing more women into the tech field is an essential task. This week we partnered with WoW Pixies, an NFT group headquartered in Singapore. They provided an NFT to be used as our NFT ticket partnering with Relic Tickets, bringing the Web3 experience into a Web2 world. The ticket was for the first ever Unstoppable WoW3 event in Singapore. With over 1,000 registrants, our event hosted keynote speaker Ida Mok, CEO and founder of Blockchain Women of Asia, as well as Polygon, Blockfi, and WoW Pixies on a panel of women discussing Web3 use cases.

Expanding access to Web3 education

Finally, we announced our Unstoppable WoW3 education streams in Asia. Since March, we’ve been exploring how learning is done in this space and are announcing streams of education with a unique badge for each one. The initial streams are Web3, Blockchain, and Metaverse. Each will have audio and video sessions, and blog articles produced by the UWoW3 staff and its partners. The materials are curated in a conversational way so that it’s easy for people to absorb the information. We also paid special attention to discussing various Web3 use cases. This way, people will not only hear the stories about different products, but will also get a deep understanding of companies that exist in the market.

In addition, we are partnering with Miss O’Cool Girls for a stream of education on Web3 for girls. Miss O Cool Girls is a web3 extension of the successful web2 brand Miss O and Friends, an original media and lifestyle brand to empower + build self-esteem for tween girls. Miss O and Friends have been featured on CNN, Teen Vogue, Girl's Life. We believe the next generation will grow up knowing about Web3, which will make our entire ecosystem stronger. After completing the classes successfully, people will earn a badge that will become part of their Unstoppable Digital Identity. This education will be free to all WoW3 members.

Building unstoppable partnerships in Asia

Last but not least, we would like to celebrate some of our key partners in the Asian ecosystem across Web3 businesses like BingX (a leading Asian exchange), BurgerCities (a gaming metaverse which built a Unstoppable bot to help their gamers choose their Web3 Domains), Flurry Finance which leveraged the power of Login with Unstoppable to help their users seamlessly login to their Defi App without having to share any personal data, Math Wallet, a leading multi-chain wallet that leveraged the power of being able to resolve complex crypto addresses to human readable domain names and AMIS’s Qubic Wallet, from the Maicoin Group - a brand recognized by more than 70% of the traders in Taiwan, now is the first Wallet in Asia to bring the powerful dual capabilities of Resolution & Reverse Resolution making digital asset exchange more user friendly and seamless with a single tap. 

It’s hard to believe that all of this happened in just the last week, but the reality is we have been working on our entrance to the Asian market for months. We could not be more humbled by the reception we have received, and are thrilled for the road ahead.

- Sandy Carter

SVP & Channel Chief