Unstoppable Domains Brings New Use Cases Live in Web3 Games

Sep 26, 2022·Last updated on Sep 26, 2022

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Unstoppable Domains is committed to growing the blockchain gaming ecosystem through product innovations, integrations, sponsorships and partnerships. And our efforts are gaining significant traction since announcing our vision for Web3 Domains and the future of blockchain gaming in April, 2022.

As Sandy Carter, the SVP of Business Development of Unstoppable Domains, mentioned in her keynote at the Asia Blockchain and Gaming Summit, held in Singapore this week, gaming is poised to offer the blockchain and web3 industry a new gateway to a huge and dedicated consumer base.

The worldwide gaming industry, projected to be worth $256.97B by 2025, has been a battleground for web3 and blockchain innovation. With the widespread success of fledgling blockchain games like Gods Unchained (which did $25M in trading volume last year) and Axie Infinity (which had 708k active players last month), there’s no doubt that application of blockchain technologies within gaming,  like tokens for in game economies and NFTs for inventory ownership, will play a big role in the next wave of gaming innovation. 

Connecting Identities Across Web3 By Using Web3 Domains, Instead of Wallet Addresses

Unstoppable Domains has been working to make blockchain gaming a new seamless experience for both web3 novices and crypto natives alike. We’re excited to be giving extra utility to our gaming partners by letting players use their domains for: 

  • Seamless login vs traditional wallet-connection options 
  • Managing NFT inventories
  • Displaying their Web3 Domain as their player name

Our Unstoppable Gaming Partners 

We’ve been putting the ways that Web3 domains can power up gamers to the test by partnering with a number of web3 gaming partners, from Learn-to-Earn platform to metaverses. Some of our recent partners include:

  • Atari
  • GameStop Wallet
  • Snook
  • BurgerCities
  • CryptoMibs 
  • Galaxy Fight Club 
  • Party.Space
  • Cryptomeda


We’ve partnered with Atari as the exclusive web3 identity partner for their growing ecosystem and to add extra utility to their 50th anniversary NFTs, designed by Stranger Things’ Season 4 graphic designer, Butcher Billy. Each of these commemorative AtariX NFTs will come with a domain that can be used as your username in all their future blockchain products. Stay tuned, they have some very exciting things coming down the pipeline. 

Gamestop Wallet

GameStop Wallet is providing the blockchain infrastructure necessary for the mass adoption of games; making it easier for new gamers to join the web 3 movement and try out decentralized apps. That’s why we thought it would be essential to partner with this leading wallet. Stay tuned as we announce more.


Snook, the well-loved modernized Snake game, now features login with Unstoppable and a dedicated UD Themed Room. We’re also powering their leaderboard to replace long complicated wallet addresses with human-readable gamertags. You can watch the whole integration and gameplay here

Burger Cities

For Burger Cities sleek metaverse, we integrated Login with Unstoppable and had custom UD-branded billboards placed around the city, including a dedicated Unstoppable bot who educates users on what Web3 domains can do and gives out domain credit.


CryptoMibs is the new world of digital marble games with NFT Superpowers. Play games, collect marbles, create your own marbles, and explore the new gaming frontier by porting your assets across games. They integrated Login with Unstoppable and we co-hosted a tournament with them for their players, with the top prize pool being the "MarbleChamp.NFT" domain!

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a MOBA-style game where you can play as your favorite NFTs. They integrated Login with Unstoppable as well as partnering with us for their “WAGMI ABOARD” sunset cruise during NFT.NYC this summer. Give the game a spin and stay tuned for more exclusive UD features. 


A leading custom metaverse platform for workplace meetups, Party.Space, now supports Login with Unstoppable and whipped up our very own, Unstoppable Room. Be sure to keep up with our Discord for some happy hours, trivia night and more happening there soon (you can also take a peek at the room here: https://enter.party.space/unstoppabledomains


Cryptomeda is an NFT gaming ecosystem that lets user collect and trade card-like NFT characters, earn and stake their token and play in a mobile action game. Their login, leaderboard and some prizes for players are all powered by Unstoppable Domains. 

Unstoppable Domains is able to partner with gaming companies in many ways, whether it is improving the UX for users, creating unique gameplay experiences, or co-hosting tournaments. The entire process of implementing our Login with Unstoppable feature takes less than a week to implement, and we have a dedicated team to help advise on the process. Our Partnerships Team is here to explore opportunities for us to grow the web 3 gaming ecosystem together.


For any partnership inquiries don’t hesitate to reach out ryan.ing@unstoppabledomains.com


Ryan Ing
Gaming Partnerships Lead, Unstoppable Domains