Three Cheers for New Accelerator Partnerships

Jan 28, 2023

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Unstoppable Domains has been joining forces with accelerator programs around the world to educate startups on Web3 and digital identity. We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding the #UDFam by partnering with not one, not two, but three leading accelerators in the Web3 space: Aves Lair, CV Labs, and Open Web Collective.

They say good things come in threes, and this trio of partnerships represents a major step forward in our efforts to advance the development and adoption of digital identity for Web3.

Aves Lair is a global accelerator and venture capital hybrid firm that unites visionaries, industry leaders, scientists, and investors to drive innovation in Web3. As part of our partnership, Aves Lair startup founders will receive cash grants from Unstoppable, as well as integration and co-marketing support.

“Web3 must be accessible as we shape the next evolution of the internet,” says Michael Robinson, Managing Partner at Aves Lair. “That’s our vision, and by working together with Unstoppable, we can help empower entrepreneurs to create the decentralized future.”

CV Labs is the heartbeat of Crypto Valley, the world's most mature blockchain hub, and helps global startups, corporates, and investors leverage blockchain technology and transform the way the world interacts and transacts. We’re proud to collaborate with CV Labs to educate Web3 startups, including by running a live workshop on Web3 technology and digital identity.

“Our portfolio companies are quickly learning that creating better services and evolving new marketplaces comes down to building a true Web3 application with users owning their digital identity,” says Janis Aguilar, Accelerator Ecosystem Manager at CV Labs.

Last but not least, Open Web Collective is a Web3 venture firm that brings together capital, strategic resources, and expert advisors to help founders de-risk and scale. OWC aims to advance the next generation of the internet by investing in and accelerating open technologies. Unstoppable will be appearing in OWC's next accelerator cohort to advise builders on all things Web3 domains, logins, and more.

“OWC is committed to helping promising pre-seed startups reach new milestones in product development, user growth, and funding,” says Linh Tan, Director of Operations at Open Web Collective. “Founders in our accelerator cohorts are often looking for access to proven tech solutions, and this is a value-added experience for our community that will help these early-stage startups attract new users.”

Partnering with these esteemed accelerator programs helps to provide ambitious BUIDLers with valuable mentorship and support as they continue to innovate in the Web3 space while showcasing the utility and value of Web3 domains and tools. Unstoppable is thrilled to work with these leading accelerator programs and looks forward to seeing the impact of our partnerships fuel the success of aspiring creators.