For Partners Partnership Update

Jul 19, 2022·Last updated on Jul 19, 2022

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We have been working closely with to upgrade our partnership and have some exciting news to share with you.

All Unstoppable Domains minted on both Ethereum and Polygon are now supported in the multichain Wallet.

We are honored to help provide their members with a best-in-class Web3 experience by replacing 275+ coin and token addresses with one easily readable name, allowing the ability to manage separate addresses for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and everyone’s other favorite cryptos.

“Cryptocurrency is a powerful force for creating economic freedom in the world, but adoption has been stifled by the frankly poor user experience — and the industry-standard usage of complex wallet addresses is a key pain point,” said CEO Dennis Jarvis. “Unstoppable Domains’ human-readable addresses are a big step in the right direction, which is why we’re proud to support them in our fully self-custodial wallet.”

This partnership is a major step in the direction of fulfilling our shared vision - to get the entire world onboarded to Web3! But we’re not done yet and have many more amazing developments in the pipeline with

“With over 32 million wallets created,’s wallet has the potential to bring usage of Web3 domains to the mainstream,” said Sandy Carter, SVP of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “ We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with so we can not only simplify cryptocurrency payments, but also empower people to own their data and their identity across Web3.”

If you are working on a Web3 project and would like to help bring Web3 to the world, let’s connect.