zkSync syncs up with Unstoppable

Jan 24, 2023·Last updated on Jan 24, 2023

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zkSync, one of the leading Ethereum scaling solutions, has integrated Unstoppable Web3 domains into their Wallet and Checkout apps. This allows their community to easily send and receive crypto with other zkSync Wallets using human-readable names instead of random addresses. But that’s not all — zkSync Checkout users can create payment links with their Unstoppable Web3 domains to share and collect crypto payments quickly and efficiently.

zkSync is a ZK-rollup, a widely-adopted trustless protocol that uses cryptographic proofs to provide scalable, low-cost transactions on Ethereum without compromising on security. zkSync “rolls up” multiple transactions into “batches” and verifies them off-chain before the transaction is settled on the Ethereum network, making it a secure, fast and cost-efficient way to transact on Ethereum.

By integrating Web3 domains, zkSync is able to provide its community with an even smoother experience, replacing confusing alphanumeric addresses with personalized digital identities, like Elizabeth.nft or Phil.crypto.

“We're delighted to work with Unstoppable Domains to bring the scalability, security, and low fees of zkSync to our growing ecosystem,” said Omar Azhar, Head of Enterprise Business Development for zkSync. “Creating better UX for end-users is one of the ways we secure the long-term adoption and security of Web3.”

“zkSync is all about scaling Web3 so it can be adopted around the world,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “That lines up perfectly with our mission at Unstoppable of seeing every person own their digital identity, and we’re excited to take this journey together.”

To start using zkSync’s Wallet, Checkout and other solutions, learn more here.

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