Zilliqa Naming Service

Mar 13, 2019

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The Zilliqa Naming Service is officially live on testnet!

The new domain extension is called .zil and is sponsored by the Zilliqa Foundation. The naming service will go live on mainnet in June.

Play with the testnet app here.

Check out a walkthrough video here.

Use Cases

Blockchain domain names can do two things at once:

1. Replace cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names

Currently to get paid, you ask someone for their cryptocurrency address, they go into their wallet and copy an address, they paste it into an email, send to you, you open the email, copy/paste the address into your wallet, and pay. With a blockchain domain name, you just attach your cryptocurrency addresses to your domain, and tell your friend to pay you by typing in yourname.zil.

2. Enable censorship resistant websites

In addition to replacing addresses for payments, blockchain domains can be used to build censorship resistant websites. A traditional domain asset is stored on your behalf by custodians like Godaddy and Google Domains. But a blockchain domain is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet and controlled by you. This means that no company or court order can take it. The tools and browser support to easily build censorship resistant websites are not currently available, but look out for a decentralized web builder & browser integrations in Q4, 2019.

Testnet registry

Check out the registry by typing in a domain to see if it’s available. If it is, you will see the option to claim it. Setup a testnet wallet at dev-zilliqa, grab some testnet zil and come back to our testnet app and register your name. It costs 10 testnet zil. The .zil domain is auto associated with whatever wallet address you used to purchase the name. Once mainnet is live, you will be able to configure your domain by adding any cryptocurrency addresses you choose.

Testnet wallet

Once you’ve registered a name, type it into the search bar. Instead of claim, it should now prompt you to pay a name. Click pay and send testnet zil to the domain. You should be able to see the transaction in the block explorer.

Developer Updates

The first version for the Zilliqa Naming Service (ZNS) launched on testnet in December, 2018. Since then, we’ve worked to support advanced address lookup functionality, reduce write costs, and improve speed. Our first design is now complete. We are auditing the code in anticipation of our June main net release, improving name resolution contract standards, and integrating with wallets and block explorers in the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Developer Libraries

We’ve built out an open source naming resolution library called Namicorn. Check out our Github here

The library will support all blockchain naming services that users want. Initially, we will support .zil, .eth, and the rootstock naming service. We will be adding additional functionality including mobile, adding photos to your domain, connecting an IPFS stored website, throughout 2019. Our library is MIT licensed and intended to be open for anyone to use forever. If you’re interested in adding domain resolution to your wallet or app, please reach out to us.


We’ve opened up pre-orders of .zil domains on our website. For $10, anyone can pre-order their name. Just go to unstoppabledomains.com and search for a domain to see if it’s available.

Domains will be distributed in June once the registry goes live on mainnet. Top domains are reserved for public auction in June, but you can reserve some premium domains now on our website here.

If you’re interested in available blockchain domains, check out our website.

Join us on twitter & telegram.

We are Unstoppable Domains. We build domains on blockchains. Many thanks to the Zilliqa Foundation for all their help, and the wonderful members of the Zilliqa development community who have provided feedback as we’ve progressed.