Wirex Wallet Integrates Unstoppable Domains to Make DeFi Simpler

Dec 01, 2022·Last updated on Dec 01, 2022

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Wirex Wallet, a cross-chain non-custodial wallet, has integrated Unstoppable Domains to make DeFi simpler and more intuitive. Now, more than half a million Wirex Wallet users can send and receive crypto using easy-to-remember Web3 domains like Sandy.nft, a much smoother experience than typing in a long string of numbers and letters. Wirex is on a mission to drive widespread adoption of the digital economy by connecting traditional payment methods to digital currencies. With this integration, they’re reducing barriers to Defi by building a seamless experience – bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.

The Wirex Wallet gives people direct access to DeFi without having to download any apps. It makes digital currencies easily accessible while letting wallet users have full ownership and custody of their assets. Once a Wirex Wallet holder has purchased their Web3 domain via Unstoppable, they’ll be able to associate their DeFi addresses with their custom domain to manage their crypto and more.

“At Wirex, we have always prioritized simplicity and user experience. Adding support for Unstoppable Web3 domains in our non-custodial Wirex Wallet is yet another step to make address management easier and cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. That is only the start of our partnership with Unstoppable Domains, so watch this space!” Georgy Sokolov, Co-founder at Wirex.

“Wirex is all about making Web3 easier and safer without sacrificing personal ownership, which perfectly lines up with our goals at Unstoppable,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “With Unstoppable, 500,000 Wirex wallet users get a digital identity they fully own and a more intuitive crypto experience - a win-win for DeFi enthusiasts.” 

By simplifying the user experience and offering multi-chain support, Wirex Wallet and Unstoppable Domains make it easier for holders to manage numerous complex addresses all within a single Web3 domain.

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