Welcome to The Unstoppable Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

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Decentralized technology has the power to change the world and shape the future of how we view and share information. That was a founding principle behind the inception of Unstoppable Domains and a key inspiration behind our new podcast, The Unstoppable Podcast.

The Unstoppable Podcast is the onboarding podcast for the decentralized web, where crypto enthusiasts and “regular” people alike can go to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization.

Our hope is that our conversations will not only educate and excite seasoned crypto investors and enthusiasts but also members of the general public who have yet to be exposed to these concepts.

The potential of the decentralized web

Cryptocurrency goes far beyond just coins. The underpinning blockchain technology has the ability to transform the entire online world and change the way we interact and share information online.

It can provide us with the tools to build a freer, fairer internet and break away from the dominance of giant centralized corporations. We’ll be able to verify identity more easily and hold users accountable for spreading misinformation and hate.

Blockchain is still a relatively new technology and has been the unfair victim of negative press for much of its short history. It’ll be a while before it’s not only accepted by the mainstream but also advanced and widespread enough to play a meaningful role in our lives. We hope this podcast will shine a light on the technology and open more eyes to the value it can bring to the world.

What we’ll cover in The Unstoppable Podcast

The podcast is a place for us to talk to leading experts in the space, including thought leaders, influencers, DWeb companies, and DeFi companies with the primary goal of educating listeners on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization topics, as well as getting them excited about the future. We’ll cover topics like how they see the space evolving over time, and talk about exciting new ideas and emerging users for decentralized technology.

In our intro episode, our co-founder and CEO, Matthew Gould, talks about the potential of blockchain to solve some of the internet’s biggest problems, like data privacy issues and the dominance of monolithic tech companies that punish the end-user and allow deeply unethical and concerning practices to take place almost with impunity.

Matt also talks about some of the ways in which blockchain technology can help ensure user privacy online and return power and autonomy to the individual.

We believe crypto is going to change the internet and the world.

The purpose of crypto is, by nature, inclusive, and we want this podcast to reflect that. That’s why we invite everyone to listen and aim to make our content interesting and understandable to all — whether you’re just hearing about crypto for the first time, have been dabbling in it for a while, or are a hardcore follower. We want to create a space for learning and discussion where everyone from complete beginners to thought leaders can take part.