Web3ID by KICA is Korea’s First Web3 Domain Registrar

Aug 19, 2023·Last updated on Aug 19, 2023

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We’re thrilled that KICA is the first domain registrar in Korea to offer Unstoppable Web3 domains. Operating under its parent company, Signgate, KICA is a leader in the Korean domain registration industry. 

With the launch of Web3ID, KICA is leading the Korean market into the world of Web3 domains. By working with Unstoppable Domains, KICA leverages the power of Unstoppable’s Partner API, enabling a tailored Web3 domain experience specifically for the Korean market. This collaboration not only offers Korean customers more options for their domain needs but also broadens the reach of Unstoppable Domains.

“KICA's commitment to innovation has solidified their position as the first-ever Web3 domain registrar in Korea,” said Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “With this partnership, both KICA and Unstoppable Domains are helping  elevate the Web3 domain industry, providing people with the tools they need to establish their presence in Web3.”

Unstoppable is on a mission to help every person in the world own their own digital identity. By working with global partners like KICA, we’re making that a reality.

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