Watchlisting Premium Domains

Mar 18, 2020

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Premium domains are a subject of great interest in the community. There are around 20,000 top tier domains as well as many more that are fewer than 8 characters. We released 6 and 7 character domains on February 21st and we plan to release more in the coming weeks. Domains will be made available in several ways; premium domains section on the website, available in search, through on chain auctions, and off chain auctions with partners.

Watchlist and Get Notified

The best way to keep track of a premium domain is to watchlist it. When a domain is about to become available, you will get a notification. It is now possible to watchlist any domain on the site.

Add domains to your watchlist
Add domains to your watchlist

Why are domains released in phases?

Once a domain is claimed, it’s forever. This makes domains unstoppable, but it also means that there’s no remedy if you accidentally release the wrong domain. You only get one chance to get it right. We use programmatic techniques and manual reviews of domain lists to catch any bugs in the logic and to spot protected domains before they are released. We are looking through hundreds of thousands of domains using both programmatic techniques and a final manual review.

Why not run auctions for domains?

Running an auction is hard, running an on-chain auction is really hard! We’re more excited about supporting off chain auctions that allow users to pay in Bitcoin or even USD. This is what is going to onboard more users. We will let the community know at least one month in advance before our next auction.

Stay tuned for updates on premium domains via email, Telegram, as well as other social media.

Once again, make sure to watchlist your favorite domains!

The Unstoppable Team

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