Unstoppable Website Templates

Feb 13, 2020

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our Template Marketplace. To have your IPFS template included, just make a pull request to our open source repo. We will be giving $100 per template to the first 10 pull requests that we approve.

Our goal is to decentralize the internet, allowing anyone in the world to publish online without being censored. But there’s a problem — the tools that exist for the current internet don’t yet exist for the decentralized web.

That’s why we’re launching a marketplace for IPFS templates.

Want to participate?The video below will walk you through the process to submit a pull request to our repo.

Please include contact information or a.cryptodomain in your pull request so we can send you your bounty reward.

Jump in the conversation by joining Unstoppable Devs on Telegram.

Here’s how the existing templates work:

  1. Pick a template, customize, and deploy!

2. Surf the decentralized web with the Unstoppable Demo Browser