Introducing Unstoppable Lite Wallet: Where Every Action Feels Effortless

May 30, 2024·Last updated on May 30, 2024

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We're excited to unveil a wallet built with domainers in mind. Introducing Unstoppable Lite Wallet!

This user-friendly wallet solution, powered by Fireblocks, empowers you to take full ownership of your Unstoppable web3 domains and selected digital tokens, regardless of technical expertise. With Unstoppable Lite Wallet, you can store and manage your portolio without the hassle of remembering complex seed phrases – all you need is a password.

Setting itself apart from our Unstoppable Vault and Unlimited Vault options, where we store your domains on your behalf, Unstoppable Lite Wallet offers you complete ownership of them. Now, anyone can take full control of their portfolio using a seamless, secure, and easy-to-use wallet solution.

Integrated seamlessly into the Unstoppable Domains purchase flow, claiming your domain is a breeze. At launch, Unstoppable Lite Wallet is available on desktop, with mobile app support planned to arrive in the near future.

Unstoppable Lite Wallet offers a range of functionalities with ease of use as the primary focus:

Manage and transfer domains: Easily store, manage, and transfer your Unstoppable web3 domains within the wallet interface.

Update crypto records: Keep your crypto records up-to-date for receiving cryptocurrency.

Send and receive crypto: Send cryptocurrency and view your balances with support for Polygon, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Base, and Solana.

Unstoppable Chat: Message with other domain owners using end-to-end encrypted chat.

As always, our mission at Unstoppable is to onboard every individual to web3 and provide them with their user-owned digital identity, with an emphasis on inclusivity. That's why we're proud to offer users a simple and secure wallet for managing their domains and crypto. Whether you're an experienced web3 enthusiast or a newcomer, Unstoppable Lite Wallet offers a streamlined experience that anyone can use.

For just $9.99 per year, Unstoppable Lite Wallet offers full control over your web3 domains and crypto assets with unparalleled ease of use.

Are you ready to streamline your digital asset management journey? Try Unstoppable Lite Wallet today!


Why is it taking a long time to login?
Login may take up to 1 minute. Rest assured that this is normal.

What happens if I lose my wallet password?
If you have a recovery kit, click on the recovery link in the email sent to you. You will be prompted to set a new password. See here for more details.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported?
Currently, it is possible to store and send Polygon, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Base, and Solana.

Can I send NFTs and ERC-20 tokens?
Our main priority with Unstoppable Lite Wallet is to provide users with the most secure and user-friendly experience possible, therefore, transferring NFTs and ERC-20 tokens will not be available at launch.

Can I manage .ETH and .COM domains?
Support for .ETH domains will come after the WalletConnect feature is added (coming soon).